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  1. Looking for a docking collar for the old tiffen bracket. Would even be open to 3d print files. My post measures 1.59". Photos of the bracket attached.
  2. I have had a problem with getting a picture on my Flyer's Composite monitor since I picked it up about a year ago. I have purchased a Blackmagic SDI - Analog, couldn't get that to work (tested with a RED that I don't have access to right now). Yesterday I went out and got a Decimator MD-HX and still cannot get a picture to show up. I contacted Decimator, and Blackmagic, and both are not sure how to do it. I am testing it with a DSLR and A7s II. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Looking for bolt or bolt 300 sdi tx/rx. Thanks!
  4. Looking for a Bolt or Bolt 300 tx and rx. Thanks!
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