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  1. I was looking at the price list for the M1 & M2 sleds with the volt. does anyone know why the M1 is more expensive? is it made better or have they simply been able to lower the price of the 2 with buying power? Thoughts?
  2. PM’d you... your email address “doesn’t appear to be valid”
  3. Selling my Monitor and 1.5" mounting clamp and monitor bracket. Great system, the best I think. it will not move if bumped keeping your rig in perfect balance. I'm going tp an 8" with the same system as my eyes aren't what they used to be. Asking $3000 for monitor and $2500 for clamp and mount. Comes with original Pelican case, manual, shammy/bag, screen protector and power cable. Buyer pays and arranges shipping. Buyer pays any pay pa fees. Located in Vancouver, Canada Email me at jayclennan@gmail.com
  4. These Batteries have only been used a handful of times and are in excellent condition asking $4500 for whole kit still have original boxes and warranty cards for everything. Located in Vancouver, Canada. Buyer pays and arranges shipping and any pay pal fees. Email me at jayclennan@gmail.com package includes: 1-PL 16 charger 3-PL 150 Batts 6-PL 94 Batts 1-PL Power hub with 5 interchangeable ports comes with: 5- Ptap 1-USB 1-2pin Lemo 1-Hirose
  5. Volt and gimbal have been sold. New price for remaining components; $15,500 for sled (no gimbal) with case, cables and stand. $5500 for monitor and bracket $5000 for batteries and charger $25,000 for whole kit.
  6. they can fit your pro gimbal to an m1 volt
  7. Hi, Still available?


    1. Jay Clennan

      Jay Clennan

      Yes. Please Email me if interested.


  8. Brand new GPI Pro Cinelive sled with Betz top stage, M1 Volt stabilized gimbal, Betz universal dovetail plate with level, Volt-MDR mounting plate, Volt docking bracket, custom jumper block that runs component "in line", power cables for Alexa and Mini, Mathews steel/aluminum baby stand, KBS travel case. Slightly used 6" transvideo Cine monitor6HDSB, Arri 1.5" monitor bracket and Gen 2 battery hanger. I had the gen 3 but preferred the adjustments and aesthetics of the 2 so traded it Pag Link PL16+ charger, 6-94wh batts and 3-150wh batts Asking $38,000 plus tax for everything buyer pays shipping. Located in Vancouver BC. Message me here or email me at jayclennan@gmail.com
  9. I bought these in November of 2017 and really haven't used them much (maybe 40 days of steadicam work on set) so they have plenty of juice left in them and I have all the original packaging and warrantees. The PAG PAGlink PL16+ Gold Mount Charger is a 4-position, simultaneous charger that greatly reduces the number of chargers required to manage a large PAGlink Gold Mount battery inventory - making it ideal for broadcasters and rental companies. The high-powered charger uses the available current to fully charge each battery in the fastest possible way, ensuring peak performance and a longer cycle life. The PL16+ is quiet, compact and cool-running. It features a hard-wearing steel case, and weighs only 3.5lbs (1.6kg). Its slim design makes it easy to transport and suitable for location use. The stages of the charging process for each channel are clearly indicated on the charger's large backlit LCD screen. The batteries communicate with each other to manage their own charging, which is fully automatic. The most discharged batteries are given priority. The battery's state of charge is displayed on its individual Run-Time & Capacity Display, so that you know at a glance when batteries are fully-charged and ready to use. The display characters can be inverted for legibility, with a single button press. The display reverts automatically after the battery is removed from the charger. Fully-charged batteries stop accepting charge automatically and independently of others in the stack. The batteries can be left safely on the charger to top-up until you need them. Typical Battery Charging Times (94Wh batteries): 1 battery: 2hrs 30mins 2 batteries: 3hrs 4 batteries: 6hrs 6 batteries: 9hrs 30mins 8 batteries: 11hrs 45mins 16 batteries: 24hrs 32 batteries: 48hrs Package includes 1-PL 16+ 4 position charger ($891 USD new) 3-PL 150Wh batteries ($707 USD new) 6-PL 94Wh batteries ($472 USD new) 1-PL Powerhub with interchangeable D/P Tap, 2 pin Lemo, Hirose and USB ports I really don't want to sell but things are tight and i can always subrent batts if needs be. Asking $5000.00 USD but any reasonable offers will be considered. Buyer pays shipping and any Paypal fees. Located in Vancouver, email me at jayclennan@gmail.com
  10. Lightly used G70 arm $13,500 USD OBO Located in Vancouver Buyer pays shipping and pay pal fees email jayclennan@gmail.com
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