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  1. Selling my Monitor and 1.5" mounting clamp and monitor bracket. Great system, it will not move if bumped keeping your rig in perfect balance. Asking $3000 for monitor and $2500 for clamp and mount OBO. Comes with original Pelican case, manual, shammy/bag, screen protector and power cable. Buyer pays and arranges shipping and any pay pal fees. Located in Vancouver, Canada Email me at jayclennan@gmail.com d.
  2. For sale: transvideo cinemonitor HD6 superbright (arri bracket and yolk not included) $3500.00 usd obo 1000 nits and internal digital level. 1 each 12/24 lemo and P-Tap power cables, Pelican case, original instructions, shammy/soft bag and custom made sun hood included. Buyer pays shipping Email me at jayclennan@gmail.co m
  3. Pro vest (built goofy but can be easily flipped to reg) lightly used only 3 years old and very well cared for. $5000.00 USD obo located in Vancouver Canada, buyer pays and arranges shipping. email me at jayclennan@gmail.com
  4. I was looking at the price list for the M1 & M2 sleds with the volt. does anyone know why the M1 is more expensive? is it made better or have they simply been able to lower the price of the 2 with buying power? Thoughts?
  5. PM’d you... your email address “doesn’t appear to be valid”
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