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  1. thanks for answering. FInally got to accept deal of 8h as it's the minumin on my contract. And Equipement if I had fight for a full, maybe I wouldn't work for them again. Sadly!
  2. Hi. I've been hired for a 2 days commercial shoot. Prior to the first day, productuion didn't gave me much details. Except the deal for equipement and salary. First day on was only 2 shots. 1st AC told me that director wanted hand held but clients / agency wanted Stead. Been said I knew I woulnd't shot much. I'm even wrap early. They send me my call sheet for day 2. Was home. Relaxing, when suddently phone rang. UPM tell my that i'm (surprisingly) not required on set the next day. They offer me 8h regular time + 1/2 for my rental. My steadicam slept in camera truck. Does it seem like a good deal? Would you bill a full day as rental? FIrst time that happen to me . Day cancelled not the first but first time I had to go pick up my stead on set. Let me know.
  3. Hey guys, need advices. I took a workshop in Philly last November. Was my first experience with a steadicam. Really like it. Currently, I'm a first AC / camera operator (starting as). I'm looking to buy my first rig. Got few advices already. - buy used rig for start. I wish i could. Pretty sure I could save a lot of money. Thing is I don't see one that fit me. Probably it would be good to start with something light to start, but I would have to buy better in 1-2 years (less maybe). Light also means I have to refuse job (when I would have more experience, with heavy camera) So. I was looking to buy new. Artemis. They seem so sell good stuff. And not as expensive as Pro or Steadicam. What do you guys thinks? Any good advices…?
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