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  1. Hi everyone At the begining sorry for Tete, I log in via facebook and it's my nick. I'm Stan Marcinkowski. I was heart attack almost when it happened. I didn't think about introducing and my nick. Apoligize. I made balancing many times before, with my Floatcam, Archer, many other rigs in my job and at workshop. It's really strange for me. I think Alec is right. When I take sled to hand everything seemed to be ok, it's hard to see such thing. I didn't scope on tape, but I'm sure under was some crack, photos are not good quality so it' hard to see them Solution is to cut/replace broken part o
  2. I have no hope... ;( I've bought used Ultra rig recently. Today I had time to take it to hands first time. I put broadcast camera on it, started to static balance, and top post section under stage top stage broke down. I noticed that under docking ring (broken down exactly under them) was some scrap covered by tape, so I suppose he had to know about... I don't know what to do? How to repair it? Is option to get money back from seller? Any ideas? Regards hopelessly Stan
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