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  1. Is it still available? 
    contact me 


  2. Works perfectly fine. Just has some cosmetic wear.
  3. Realized I forgot to put price up. Asking $3000 OBO
  4. This vest is in good working condition. Obviously it has some wear and tear from being used on the field, but it was serviced at Tiffen one month ago. I got the plastic inside of the shoulder straps replaced with the newer more flexible ones. The screws on the shoulder buckles and front hip part are replaced as well. Selling it because I'm changing to a WK backmounted vest. Buyer pays shipping. Local pickup in LA preferred.
  5. I'm looking for a modified Junior cart with top&bottom shelves. Trying to build out a steadicam cart with small'ish footprint. Local pickup in LA would be amazing.
  6. This one works great: http://www.cinematicprecision.com/steadicam-operator-accessories-#/id/i4103160
  7. And just FYI the white drawn wire will go to the black/white-dashed wire and black will go to black on the DC plug.
  8. Need some help! I just bought the MD-HX and need to use it on a job this weekend. I have a PRO-1 rig and I need to power the unit from the top stage. I have a 1S.303 plug already, and the DC cable that came with the unit. I'm going to solder a cable together in hope of powering the unit since I don't have enough time to get one made before the job. Please help me make sure I'm doing this right. I drew a little map of how I'm planning on doing this. The bottom right shows the power output on my top stage. I used a multimeter to measure it and I wrote down the result (Top pin: 16.4V, bottom left: 0/32V, bottom right: Ground).
  9. Could be something smaller like a Rickshaw or Handsfree segway too!
  10. I'm looking to rent an ATV and vehicle mount for a job this weekend in the San Francisco, Bay Area. Any suggestions? Thanks :) - Tobias
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