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  1. Timm Stemann, product specialist from Chrosziel HQ in Germany exclusively presents the newest products in Atlanta, Chicago and New York. - First time in the USA: the new MagNum Mini – one of the world’s smallest motor controller perfectly suited for Gimbal, Handheld, Drone and Steadicam shots. - Learn more about the entire product portfolio of the Chrosziel Wireless FIZ Systems. - Hands-on products with Timm: come and test Chrosziel. Please note: Due to limited space, RSVP to timm.stemann@chrosziel.de or your local contact at SIM Digital and AbelCine. Further meeting options during this week in Atlanta, Chicago and New York upon request. Venues: SIM Digital November 12th (2-5 pm) @ Atlanta AbelCine November 16th (10am – 4pm) @ Chicago November 18th (10am – 4pm) @ New York See you there. Timm USA open house tour Nov 2016_final.pdf
  2. Hi Victor and Jens, Rebecca has been working for Chrosziel in the Online Support. Her last name is not Chrosziel but we wanted to openly communicate that Rebecca represents Chrosziel. Regarding the advertisement, this is a EM tipping game open for everybody to win vouchers up to 300 EUR. Within everybody taking part of the game, we will draw 50 EUR vouchers too. The registration for the game can be found at http://www.chrosziel.de/em2016-kicktipp/?lang=en and is of course for free. To note as well, Chrosziel is a supporter of the Steadicamforum by banner advertising here. If we need to change something, please let us know offlist via email to timm.stemann@chrosziel.de and we will of course respect this. We thought it would be great for the members of this forum to know where to win vouchers for gear. To make it obvious for everybody, I am Timm Stemann and work for Chrosziel as Product Specialist Lens Control. I am here to help everybody with questions about Chrosziel gear. All the best, Timm Timm Stemann Product Specialist Lens Control - Chrosziel
  3. Hi Marcin, thank you for your great feedback on our Chrosziel MagNum. It is always great to hear feedback from users. Regarding the mounting option, there is exactly this kind of mount available directly from us, it is called Chrosziel RMB Rod Mounting Bracket: http://shop.chrosziel.de/shop/eng/detail/index/sArticle/420. But it looks like you were able to design a nice tool too. All the best for your shoots, Timm (Chrosziel Product Specialist Lens Control)
  4. Chrosziel will be at the show today with the MagNum wireless FIZ in a full-blown 3-channel setup. Make sure to stop by at Tiffen Steadicam and check the setup in combination with the internal motors of the Fujinon Cabrio drive. I will be there to answer any questions, offer a show special and with additional gear to fly yourself with. Ask me about our stock clearance of the discontinued Chrosziel Digifox and spare cables, we have special pricing with delivery this week. See you there. Timm Product Specialist Lens Control Chrosziel
  5. Chrosziel will be at Cine Gear Expo LA today and tomorrow showcasing latest developments and industry products. Come and check out the MagNum 3-channel FIZ, the new Lens Testing Projector or our lightweight supports and matte boxes. We will be at booth 46, at the Fujinon booth and the Tiffen / Steadicam booth. Test the new approach for our MagNum HandSet Zoom Rocker, the internal motor control of the Fujinon Cabrio by the MagNum MDR and much more. Make sure you ask us for our Cine Gear - Steadicam Forum Special to save cash on your order! See you here today (Friday) and tomorrow at Paramount Studios. Can't make it? Contact me for a demo in June.
  6. Hi Ozzie, the CDM-100 will probably pull 95% percent of the lenses on the market including not so new lenses. On stiff going lenses, the motor speed will be the first one to reduce a little but it will rotate the lens. There are currently no custom lengths on the cable, but we can think about it. What length are you looking for? Right now it is about 2 feet. The pins on the CDM-100 are the same like the Preston or Chrosziel MagNum / Aladin MKII, it is a Lemo 1B connector. If you want to use the motor on the Freefly Wedge, you want the CDM-100S which is exactly the same motor but with a Lemo 0B connector. Abel Cine New York tested the CDM-100 together with a customer on the Preston MDR3 with Firmware ver 21.88 and confirmed compatibility. We can test the motor today with various applications as well at the Open House. But I am sure the community can let you know more about the motor too. Thanks Timm Chrosziel - Product Specialist Lens Control Systems
  7. Come try, test, and network with other ACs, DPs and Camera Operators. Learn about the Chrosziel MagNum and new lightweight digital lens motor CDM-100. Highlights include - Comfortable, intuitive designed in cooperation with Camera Assistants - Reliable safe Dual-band transmission with built-in spectrum analyzer 430MHz (5 Channels) or 2.4 GHz (11 Channels) - Lightweight, easy to mount receiver - Direct control of servo lenses (Cabrio and ENG lenses) - New Digital Motor - Extremely lightweight designed for Gimbals, Drones, Steadicam and today's smaller cameras. System is compatible with other motor brands - Solid Rental Payback - Good investment More information on the MagNum: http://www.chrosziel.de/magnum/?lang=en More information on the Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1690900397820237/ Who: Timm Stemann - Product Specialist Lens Control, Chrosziel Germany Where: VER/ Cineverse Rentals 2nd Floor Prep Space - New 620 12th Avenue (Between 47th-48th) New York, NY www.cineverse.net When: Thursday March 10 10:00am to 2:00pm RSVP: Please RSVP to tfletch1225@gmail.com
  8. The Betz motor is as strong and fast as the Heden M26VE but more quiet. A little nice feature is as well that the gear is screwed to the motor and can not slip out. And the motor is nicely quiet, maybe even one of the most silent motors I have worked with before? During the World Cup in Brazil with 10 Fujinon HK series lenses, the motor was running perfectly for me without problems pulling focus, iris and zoom on stiff lenses. Chrosziel sells the motor for 2.180 EUR which would mean about 2.400 USD: http://shop.chrosziel.de/shop/eng/lens-control-systems/cable-und-accessories/447/btm-motor-mit-4x-zahnraedernBut we do sell the Heden as well :) I think they are only serviced in Germany by Betz Tools, the manufacturer.
  9. Dear Kyriacos, thank you for your open words. Please drop me an email at timm.stemann@chrosziel.de and we will try to arrange a demo for you for real hands on. Maybe you can even let the forum users know about your experience afterwards. Regarding Tilta, it seems that they plan to offer some interesting features. The MagNum FIZ system already supports all major lens motor manufacturers like Heden, Betz, Preston, Redrock Micro, Scorpio, Chrosziel, Red Technica and more. If you are missing one, let us know and we will release a new firmware free of charge as all of our firmwares. The MagNum FIZ is now about two years on the market with hundreds of units working out in the field. It offers an extremely reliable but state of the art product with dual band transmission, light-weight and ergonomic design and convenient functions like CineTape or similar, User Keys, integrated lens motor control and more. If there is an interest in a group buy from this forum, I personally will support this and manage an exclusive Steadicamforum group buy discount. Let me know in this topic if any of you are interested in this to start on this. Best Timm
  10. We are happy to invite you to our Chrosziel Open House in Atlanta! Come try, test and network with other ACs, DPs and Camera Operators. Interact with the lightweight Chrosziel Motor CDM-100 and the versatile Chrosziel MagNum 3Channel FIZ. Feel free to bring your own camera, lens or other Lens Control Systems to combine with our products! Highlights include: • Comfortable, intuitive designed in cooperation with Camera Assistants • Reliable safe Dual-band transmission with built-in spectrum analyzer 430MHz (5 Channels) and 2.4 GHz (11 Channels) • Lightweight, easy to mount receiver • Direct control of servo lenses (Cabrio and ENG lenses) • System is compatible with all motor brands • New Digital Motor - Extremely lightweight designed for Gimbals, Drones, Steadicam and today's smaller cameras. • Solid Rental Payback - Good investment See you there! Location: John Sharaf Photography, 1231 Booth St. NW Atlanta, GA Date: Thursday, January 21, 2016 - 10.00-14.00 Please find more information on https://www.facebook.com/events/517024081834350/or https://www.facebook.com/chrosziel/. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagramm as well.
  11. Delay and noise will depend on the motor and the settings within the MagNum. The MagNum has a built in motor booster resulting in the lowest motor delay and fastest motor response. However, the faster the motor, the higher the noise. The MagNum offers a menu setting called Motor Booster where you can limit the motor booster. Depending on the setting, you can have a unnoticeable motor for noise sensitive shots or extremely fast and responsive motor for speed sensitive shots all settings accessible from your Hand Unit. Regarding the Heden Motors, Chrosziel has sold hundreds of Heden Motors with the MagNum system. The built in auto-motor-detection of the MagNum automatically applies optimized settings to the Heden M26VE. For the Heden M21VE, it depends on the version of the motor you have. If you buy it from Chrosziel directly with the MagNum, all will be fine. But please note, there are M21VE versions on the market, where there has been made special adaption to third party FIZ systems within the M21VE. If you use one of these version and encounter problems, just limit the booster setting to 3 within the MagNum and all is perfectly fine and works great. Since I am working as the Lens Control Specialist within Chrosziel, anybody else can confirm my reply? Make sure to check out the lightweight Chrosziel Digital Motor CDM-100 as well. It is perfect for Gimbal, SteadiCam, Drone or Shoulder work and is compatible with 3rd party FIZ systems. There are some videos available on the website http://www.chrosziel.de/digital-motor-cdm-100/?lang=enbut as well on this post: http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=23477 If you are in Atlanta this week, join us on Thursday at the Open House Event at John Sharaf Photography: https://www.facebook.com/chrosziel/ We have the MagNum, the CDM-100 and the new 401-C300MKII camera support with us and you can test everything and network with ACs, DPs and Camera Operators.
  12. Hi G., this is Timm - Product Specialist Lens Control for Chrosziel. Since there are no answers yet, I will be happy to assist. The motor is called CDM-100 and has 24V Power. The torque is perfect for light to mid-size lenses. The speed is very responsive and as fast as the industry standards motor (maybe even little faster). Interesting as well is the weight (below 100g + accessories) and the price for sure. For further information please visit www.chrosziel.com/digital-motor-cdm-100. Since nobody has answered about their experience yet, we can provide you a free test loan so you can give feedback to the Steadicam Forum community. Please let me know if this is interesting via Email timm.stemann@chrosziel.de or here in this forum. I am looking forward hearing your thoughts, make sure you follow Chrosziel on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest as well.
  13. Hi Everybody, I am the Product Specialist Lens Control at Chrosziel. It is great to see that the MagNum receives your interest and I would like to answer some of your questions. Regarding Motor Speed, the MagNum has a power booster built in. This means independent of the power source, motors are always running and reacting in a way like a 24V battery. Only the first version of the MN-100 (1channel entry level) had no power booster. If you own a MN-100, you can get an upgrade, please get in contact with us for this. Todays version is MN-101 and the power booster is build in. Jarrett, do you remember which version you worked with? Regarding latency, there were some early issues but we solved them very soon with a new firmware release. Lately we did a test comparing various Lens Control Systems (LCS) and found out that the MagNum was very responsive. But we did not test the Bartech (which is not so common in Germany). It would be great to hear other opinions of users and how they feel. Within our office, we were not able to experience the problems. But as always, we only can learn from you even with 25 years of LCS experience. In case you want to get in contact with me, I will be here in the forum or am available via email to timm.stemann@chrosziel.com (and mobile offlist). Wishing great Steadicam-Days, Timm
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