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  1. For sale is the ONLY 87ft Strada Crane ever manufactured. Usually this model Strada Crane is 85ft. This crane has been used on James Cameron’s Titanic, Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor just to name a notable few. Also countless television productions, events and specials such as all of the X-Games and U.S. Open. If you haven’t been convinced yet, this crane is HUGE! The total crane weight is 5,500 pounds, the base of the crane is 6’ by 8’ and rides on 4 tires, and the crane is transported in its own trailer. The crane has multiple length configurations to meet the need of the shot. An arm length of 40ft gives you a lens height of 35ft. A 47ft arm has a 42ft lens height. A 54ft arm has a 49ft lens height. A 60ft arm has a 55ft lens height. A 74ft arm has a 64ft lens height. Lastly, an arm length of 87ft will give you a whopping 75ft lens height. Over 7 stories of camera movement available! With that amount of versatility, some extra space will be needed for operating the crane. From 40ft to 60ft arm lengths, the operator will need a 15ft by 20ft area, and from 74ft to 87ft arm lengths, the operator will need an area of 20ft by 30ft. A crane this large provides a nose load of 150 pounds. That allows for a lot of options when choosing a remote head and camera configuration to fly. I am asking $85,000 for everything. This includes the crane, weights, cabling, and trailer. Located in Los Angeles. Local pickup is required, as it all fits in its trailer. A few additional notes: This was Rick Johnsons personal crane, it has several features that none of the other Strata cranes have. Only arm with 9ft tail option up to 60 ft, as opposed to regular 12ft tail. Crane base can be completely disassembled and "packed in". The weight bucket is mechanized which allows for it to stay preloaded with thousands of pounds and adjusts forward and aft for balance. I know this is the Steadicam forum, but i figured I may as well try listing this crane on here for exposure. If you know of anyone that might be interested in this, please direct them to this posting!
  2. For Sale is a Steadicam 3A Package. Sled, Arm, Vest and 6" Transvideo Monitor The Sled features a GPI Pro donkey box, articulating monitor mount and adjustable battery hanger. The Transvideo monitor is a 6" Cinemonitor HD, included is a power cable, signal cable, monitor sleeve and fitted pelican case. The Arm has been rebuilt by Robert Luna with very little usage after rebuild. The docking bracket and an XCS camera plate are included as well. This is an older, used rig, but it performs as a Steadicam should! It's a perfect starter rig for an eager operator wanting to get a good deal on quality professional equipment. Or, it's a great backup rig should you be one of those operators who likes having a spare. I am asking $13,000 for everything you see in the pictures. Local Pickup Preferred. Package is located in Los Angeles
  3. Im looking for a Steadicam EFP/ 3A Socket Block to complete a vest I have. I'm just looking for the socket block so if you have one on hand, and live in or close to Los Angeles, I may be interested in buying. I would like to be able to test fit the socket block to ensure it will couple with my 3A arm.
  4. I have a Steadicam 3A/ Master Series Vest for sale. THE VEST IS NOT COMPLETE. IT IS MISSING THE FRONT DOVETAIL AND SOCKET BLOCK. It has chest/ waist plate, padding and leather pieces including hardware that attaches the dovetail to the chest and waist harnesses together. This is great for anyone looking for spare 3A/ Master vest pieces. I am selling this vest for $400.00 OBO I will not ship, local pick up only.
  5. I have a Steadicam Master Series sled and hard case for sale. It has not been used in some time and would like for it to find a new home. It comes with everything shown in the pictures and listed below. - Master Series Sled - 3 arm post lengths - XCS camera plate - Docking Bracket - Assorted Cables: 2X 3-Pin Lemo to 4-Pin XLR power cables, SDI video jumper cable, 4-Pin male to male hirose cable, 2-Pin Lemo to 4-Pin emale hirose cable - Mastercase rolling protective hard case I am selling this kit for $3000.00 OBO I will not ship, local pick up only.
  6. Im having the same issue with mine. I balanced mine so it sits level statically, but when I pan 90 degrees, it starts to lean. One way or the other. I took a caliper and measured the distance from the post to the edge of the gimbal and there is 1 thousandths desparity between edges. I believe it’s a milling/ manufacturing mistake. If anyone has insight on this issue please help.
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