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  1. Im having the same issue with mine. I balanced mine so it sits level statically, but when I pan 90 degrees, it starts to lean. One way or the other. I took a caliper and measured the distance from the post to the edge of the gimbal and there is 1 thousandths desparity between edges. I believe it’s a milling/ manufacturing mistake. If anyone has insight on this issue please help.
  2. Hello Pascal, Im Interested in your atlas arm. Could you PM me the price? Thanks!
  3. Im in the market for a newer Atlas arm from Pro. If you've got one to sell, Please PM me. Im located in Los Angeles. Thanks!
  4. Hey Thomas, Ive got one for sale. Also have a Mounting plate part of an electronics box as well.
  5. Kris, You've been very helpful! I've been looking around online and most of the adapters out there say they don't pass power. so having a starting point is really great! I really appreciate the help!
  6. Hey Kris, Thanks for the advice! I'm sorry for the late response. Which manufacturer would you suggest buying this adapter from?
  7. Are they’re any comanies that still make triax jumpers?
  8. The shape cage doesn't have 1/4 20 on the direct horizontal middle. It has plenty mounting holes on the tops and bottoms of each side piece. I was trying to find a way to tap a couple mounting points myself because I'd like to have the monitor spin on its axis. But with the access holes already made into the cage, there is very little space to modify. What you gave done with yours looks great.
  9. Ahhh, That makes sense! I guess i was using that port because it was convenient and kept things tidy. Thanks Mr. Lazaro.
  10. Hello All, I have been having an issue with my Steadicam Zephyr. I have recently upgraded my monitor to a Shogun Flame and sometimes when im in a RF intense area (near audio antenna's) my Shogun seems to drop the video signal and when i leave the area, the video comes back. I did modify the original Hirose cable that came with the Zephyr from the 4 pin xlr to a barrel plug so i could power through the same connection.. The SDI cable on that Hirose cable is pretty thin and i believe that it could be that cable that is being affected by interference. Im also suspecting that that maybe its the SDI cabling throughout the rig itself. if anyone has any information on what the issue could be i would greatly appreciate it! Heres the cable that i'm talking about. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/875135-REG/steadicam_807_7510_02_monitor_cable_for_7.html
  11. Hey Vahe I just saw this post today, sorry about the late response. Im really loving the shogun flame. its really reliable it look great outdoors, I AM FINALLY GETTING WHAT I SHOT to put in a reel! I run it from the zephyr hirose port out. the only thing i notice is that if i get into a high RF area, the monitor gives out. i believe this is because the power/ sdi cable that came with the rig, the sdi cable isnt shielded too well. other than that, its really a great monitor to have! I bought the shape case for its so i could add a yoke to the set up. i really like how Joshua Gitersonke caged his.
  12. Hey Guys, I just wanted to share some pictures of the Shogun Flame on my Zephyr with you! I also bought the Shape Cage to assist with mounting as well as extra protection.
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