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  1. BHB07-HDR DayBrite Monitor 2000 nits AB Battery mount Used as back up for a few months Located in Madrid, Spain 1900€ Or 2000$
  2. Steadicam Tiffen Padded Docking Bracket Suitable for M-Series and Volt-1.5" Supplied with 3/4" & 5/8" Balance Studs 665€ or 760$ Based in Madrid (Spain). Willing to ship worldwide at buyer's expense.
  3. Selling my Marshall 7" v-lcd70md Monitor. It's been sitting there for a while, held up as back up monitor. AB Gold Battery Mount. Can be switched to a V-Lock battery. 800 nits. Recently checked up at technical service. Located in Madrid (Spain) 350$ or 300€
  4. 1.5" XCS Dual Rod Monitor Support Arm With 6.5" rods. One of the rods is slightly bent, so it'll need to be fixed or replaced (Shown in picture) The rest is in good condition. Located in Madrid, Spain Price in euros, 450€ or 520$ OBO
  5. 1.5" Docking Bracket. Barely used as back up and second bracket. Located in Madrid (Spain) 150$ or 135€. Shipping at buyer's expense.
  6. Hi Jamie, I'm selling a Pro DB, but I think it's a 1. I posted on the sell rent group on Facebook. Let me know if you are interested or want any pictures. David
  7. Hi. I'm looking for a Garfield/Mitchell base vehicle mounting grip. Thx David
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