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  1. We usually send our rental clients to Midlakes Insurance http://www.midlakesinsurance.com/article.espx?SHOW=12255 But some also really like InsureMyEquipment.com
  2. It sounds like it's a problem with the board. We have had this happen before and had to have the whole board replaced. Ask for John in customer service when calling. The PAG HC-PL94T batteries have been very popular lately as an AB alternative. They are also stackable which AC's seem to love.
  3. Yes, we do have the DM-2 in with our Preston Single Channel's but still people say they're too heavy. I know the motors are important but it also seems the biggest factor is the MDR or the control unit. The Arri SMC-1 goes out with our Arri SXU-1 and it's nice and small. -C
  4. When using a remote focus device for cameras on a Steadicam, what is your preferred brand? Do Steadicam operators need to worry about the weight of the controller and motor like on a Movi? Are operators still using Bartech or are most using CMotion or the Arri CForce mini motor? We carry Preston Single Channel and FIZ units, but they are too heavy for most operators. We have one Arri CForce mini motor that can be used with our Arri SXU-1 controller or by itself on the Arri Mini. Are there any brands that Steadicam operators would like to see carried by a rental house? Thanks everyone! -C
  5. That's great to know, thank you! We were also considering it as a B camera to the FS7 but it sounds great for handheld on its own. Also thinking people would use it on the Movi since it's so much smaller. So far though, Sony cameras haven't been as popular in our market. Not sure why... Let me know if you have any thoughts on that as well. Thanks again! -C
  6. Both locations of Koerner Camera, Seattle, WA and Porltand, OR, will be closed New Year's Eve 2015 and New Year's Day 2016 in observance of the holiday. We will open again at 8:30 am on Monday, Jan. 4 2016! Please get in touch with us Dec. 28th - Dec. 30th if you need any rental gear over the holiday. Happy New Year Everyone and all our best in 2016! -C Koernercamera.com
  7. The Alexa Mini has been a big hit over here. We have included a Wooden Camera D-box with ours so that you get Anton Bauer power plus all the 24v and 12v accessory ports. It also provides hot swap capability. We have 4 Arri Mini's and can't keep them in house! You can side mount and top mount the battery plate as well and mount the shoulder pad on the top rods for handheld. -C Koernercamera.com
  8. Trying to get an idea of how people are feeling about Sony's FS5. We have had the FS7's for a little while and wondering if the FS5 is worth having as a rental item or if most people will buy their own. Anybody have a preference between the two or an opinion? Thanks! -C Koernercamera.com
  9. Hi Everyone, This is our first post on Steadicam Forum. We are a rental house with offices in both Portland and Seattle. I was wondering where else people are renting gear when they come to shoot in the Pacific NW. Do you usually find owner/operators, bring in gear from out of town or rent locally? Wondering what we can do to spread the word that we are here and have a large inventory of gear for rental. For more information on us, visit Koernercamera.com
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