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  1. M1 with volt.

    HI josh is this still for sale? Sorry to ask but I haven't used this forum to buy although looked for many years. I assume that if it has not got sol it is but thought i would touch base from Aus and ask as you may have split things up.

    Regards, Greg

    1. Josh Kugler

      Josh Kugler

      Hey Greg,

      I have a buyer lined up, and the transfer is supposed to be initiated Tuesday. Once payment is confirmed, I will be updating the post to indicate it's sold, however I don't want to do that until money is in my account. If for some reason that doesn't happen, I'll let you know.


  2. I'm selling my Steadicam M1 System, including M1 Sled, M1 Volt Gimbal, G70X Arm, Ultravest and more. Everything is in great condition and perfect working order. Purchased in 2018, it hasn't been used a lot(one reason I'm selling it). I'm interested in selling as a complete package, or I can break it up as well. System includes the following: Steadicam M1 Sled, 2 section post with M1 Volt Gimbal, Tilt Head Stage, 8" Transvideo Monitor & Vmount Power G70x Arm Steadicam Ultravest Lowmode Bracket Mounting Bracket for M1 Volt Gimbal & Original M1 Gimbal Ultra Arm Protective Weather Cover 2 x Steadicam/Thermodyne hard cases for Sled and Vest/Arm respectively 4 x Dynacore 155 kWh Vmount with Powerbank Dual Charger Assorted Cables and Toolkit Asking Price for Full System: $33,500 Asking Prices for Individual Components: M1 Sled w/Volt Gimbal, Mounting Brackets, Lowmode bracket and Hard Case: $22,500 Tiffen G70x Arm with Bag & Weather Cover: $9,950 Tiffen Steadicam Ultravest: $2750 Arm & Vest Combo with Thermodyne Case: $12,000 Vmount Batteries with Powerbank Dual Charger: $400. Everything is priced to sell, and I'm not desperate to get rid of anything, so I'm not really interested in haggling. Buyer will also be responsible for Shipping charges. Pictures of the gear attached:
  3. I've had a couple people ask where I'm located, and I realized I forgot to put that in the original post. I'm based out of Nashville, TN.
  4. I've upgraded to an M1 system, so I'm selling my lovingly used Steadicam Zephyr. Everything is in good condition: arm, vest and sled all work great. Only cosmetic issues, i.e. surface scratches,etc. I've flown a lot of builds on this sled, and never had any issues (only operator errors). - 9 lb to 23 lb Payload - 28" Two-Stage Adjustable Iso-Elastic Arm - Sled with Tool-Free Three-Axis Gimbal - Dual-Axis Vernier Adjustable Stage - Telescoping Carbon Fiber Center Post - 7" HD 1000 cd/m² LCD Monitor - Standard Vest - V-Mount Battery Plate - Docking Bracket and Dovetail Plate - HD BNC and 3-Pin LEMO Connectors - Thermodyne Hard Case I'm also including two IDX Endure 7s Batteries (65wh), an IDX dual v-mount charger, and the Steadimate, which will allow you to fly movi or DJI 3-axis gimbals on the arm and vest for extra stabilization. I'm asking $6500 for everything. I will estimate shipping upon request, or if you're close enough I'll deliver it myself. Additionally, I'm willing to meet you if you want to pick it up from my location. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
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