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  1. Xavier Mercado

    Arm X1 - anyone seen it/tried it?

    Hi Adam and Taj, I am also looking into this arm but don't have anyone near me that owns one. Adam, did you end up purchasing it? Curious to hear about the X-Tune adjustments. I read 30" boom range, nice! How does the lift and descent feel? Thanks in advance, X
  2. Xavier Mercado

    Looking for 2" Docking Bracket

    Thanks, Matthias. I've never bought from Cam Jam. Do you know if their shipping is reliable? I'm in the U.S.
  3. Hi all, I'm looking to buy a pre-owned docking bracket for a 2" post. GAD2, XCS Docking Station II, MK-V V2", or any other good bracket will be considered. Please let me know! THANKS!! Xavier
  4. Xavier Mercado

    Problems with Camera Weight

    I had a recent shoot with a DSLR on my Steady Proline Raven. I ended up rigging up my monitor to the back of the camera with an articulating arm. This shifted the weight enough to give me a 2-second drop time. Hope this helps.
  5. Xavier Mercado

    retiring from steadicam - continuing to operate a traditional camera

    What a great read. While I've never met you personally, I enjoyed you letting us peak through the window of your filmmaking memories. Your words serve more as inspiration for this young op than a cautionary tale. Nevertheless, I'll take the advice. Hit the gym, respect the rig, keep a journal, and enjoy the ride. Thank you for all you've done for our industry. Best of success on this next phase of your career. If I ever meet you on set one day, it'd be an honor.
  6. Xavier Mercado

    Grease Live

    I tip my hat off to the Steadicam guys on that. What a great show to watch. I think the opening shot had the help of crane lifts to get those high wides. The op did a great job of hiding his mounts and dismounts.