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  1. Hi Tammy. Haven’t made the purchase yet. Got any pics? $ ?
  2. Hi Adam and Taj, I am also looking into this arm but don't have anyone near me that owns one. Adam, did you end up purchasing it? Curious to hear about the X-Tune adjustments. I read 30" boom range, nice! How does the lift and descent feel? Thanks in advance, X
  3. Thanks, Matthias. I've never bought from Cam Jam. Do you know if their shipping is reliable? I'm in the U.S.
  4. Hi all, I'm looking to buy a pre-owned docking bracket for a 2" post. GAD2, XCS Docking Station II, MK-V V2", or any other good bracket will be considered. Please let me know! THANKS!! Xavier
  5. I had a recent shoot with a DSLR on my Steady Proline Raven. I ended up rigging up my monitor to the back of the camera with an articulating arm. This shifted the weight enough to give me a 2-second drop time. Hope this helps.
  6. What a great read. While I've never met you personally, I enjoyed you letting us peak through the window of your filmmaking memories. Your words serve more as inspiration for this young op than a cautionary tale. Nevertheless, I'll take the advice. Hit the gym, respect the rig, keep a journal, and enjoy the ride. Thank you for all you've done for our industry. Best of success on this next phase of your career. If I ever meet you on set one day, it'd be an honor.
  7. Looking for a good deal on a new monitor for my rig.

  8. I tip my hat off to the Steadicam guys on that. What a great show to watch. I think the opening shot had the help of crane lifts to get those high wides. The op did a great job of hiding his mounts and dismounts.
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