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  1. LX Vest for sale located near Huntington Beach, CA. Fits a variety of body sizes. I'm 6'1" and needed a slimmer vest to be comfortable in so this one was perfect for me. Only selling because I switched to a Klassen and don't use this anymore. $3000 Either message me on here or at my email: ilyagittelson@yahoo.com IMG_8769.HEIC IMG_8772.HEIC IMG_8773.HEIC IMG_8768.HEIC IMG_8770.HEIC
  2. Sent you a message. My email is ilyagittelson@yahoo.com or phone number 714-623-6001
  3. Steadicam 3A arm located just outside Los Angeles in Orange county. Arm works great come test it out before purchasing. 35-50 lbs lift. $3500.00 You can reach me at ilyagittelson@yahoo.com or 714-623-6001 Photo Aug 04, 4 40 58 PM.heic Photo Aug 04, 4 40 49 PM.heic Photo Aug 04, 4 40 27 PM.heic Photo Aug 04, 4 40 34 PM.heic
  4. Ebay has those monitors selling for cheap all the time. Hopefully with fully upgraded firmware so you can use digital level if you have the attachment.
  5. Want to add that entire package weighs 75lbs. Dimensions: 2' 2"x 1' 5" x 1' 9" can ship overseas but a large package like this can be expensive
  6. Selling Steadicam zephyr package located in Huntington Beach, CA 23lb camera payload. Have used this rig the past 4/5 years and upgrading to a larger rig . Recently serviced by Tiffen about a month ago. Includes: zephyr sled(gold mount), zephyr arm, zephyr vest, Marshall 7in sdi monitor, screw-on 1lb weights, camera plate, collapsible stand, travel hard case, monitor power cable, 2 sdi cables. Accessories included: 2nd battery mount 12/24v (gold mount) Skymagic cg monitor mount Skymagic larger gimbal wrap grip Marshall digital level P-tap splitter powered from sled Zalex longplate-m 2pin Fischer $8000.00 Practice camera and batteries not included
  7. Interested in purchasing antlers. I'm located in Los Angeles but can pay for shipping
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