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  1. IDX VAL-Si Quick Charger, 650USD Open to offers !
  2. Tolga, I have an Ultra 2 for sale if you're interested. It's in great condition, vest and arm. LMK. Brett

  3. My friend from Istanbul/Turkey is selling his Steadicam Archer. He is asking for 15.500USD.
  4. Hi Martin,

    The kit still for sale?

    İf it is still for sale, can you send photos for more information?



  5. Lx Vest and G50x arm are sold! Sled is still available and open to offers.
  6. IDX Quick Chargers - VL-4Si / SOLD Other items are open to offers.
  7. Good morning!
    I was wondering if you would be interested in only selling the G50x-arm and/or the vest separately, or if you wanted to sell your kit as one unit.

    If so, what would be your price for the individual items?

    All the best

  8. Hi

    your steadicam availabe yet ?

    1. tolga drl

      tolga drl

      Hi Ali,

      Yes ,rig is still available.



    2. ali nikoo

      ali nikoo

      Can you say your sled’s price ?


  9. Report post Posted May 12 MK-V Sled * MK-V Nexus with V4 electronics (J-Box, D-Box and post cable) and 1.5" post * MK-V Pro top stage with dovetail-plate * Genesis Gen2 1.5" gimbal with standard handle * Original monitor mount with rods * Docking bracket * Pelican case * Alexa power cable P.S. No batteries, no monitor. Steadicam G50X Arm and LX Vest LX Vest G50 x arm 23.500USD
  10. - Sachtler tripod 20p / used - like brand new / 3.250USD - Sachtler baby tripod / used - like brand new / without head / 1.250USD - IDX Quick Chargers / VAL-4Si 850USD / VL-4Si 450USD - Canon Lens HJ22ex 7.6b / 5.500USD - Canon Lens HJ14x 4.3b / 6.250USD - Canon Lens HJ11x 4.7b / 3.250USD - Steadicam Cables / Arri Alexa power cable + Red camera power cable + BNC cable / 500USD
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