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  1. Hi, any pictures? I'm interested. you can contact me on mholec@bigpond.net.au thank you very much :) Milan
  2. Hi, just interesting about your monitor if you get to stage you like to split the rig. Let me know thank you MILAN
  3. Not sure if I can do this ( but I not promoting any kind of business. Just like to say to all of you in Film industry Happy New Year 2015. All the best :) http://youtu.be/C_mVXqsgmew
  4. This rig/ sled is not available ano more for sale. Thank you for watching and your interest.
  5. Price is dropping down Guys $ 13 000 US OR make offer. Don't mind sale individually is well. thank you Milan
  6. Im selling off my spare PRO GPI rig. Rig is ready to fly. attach picturs have hero 3 and AB battery, this items are NOT part of deal and they are NOT for sale. they are just for proof, that monitor is working. I sale complet rig as it is -I not selling as individuals parts. (exception for super post) Here's a list of all parts: PRO Donkey box 3 PRO Top J box PRO Telescopic center post PRO Gimbal 1.5 PRO Monitor bracket PRO Botom J box with all electr. PRO Gren monitor with frame line gener. plus Shade for monitor PRO Super post with PRO travel Case/tube PRO 9" camera plate PRO wrench for gimbal and post PRO jumper block ( set of 3) Steadyrid battery hanger with AB battery plates All full function Rig have some cosmetic marks. Monitor have time to time frameline problem (which is easy fix , just touch monitor at botom clouse to monitor bracket and will work again) This is not HD version. I asking $15000 US plus shipping please feel free to email me: mholec@bigpond.net.au If you have any questions. Send me Email if you interest see more pictures. Sorry I can't upload all because they are to big ( can upload only 800k)
  7. Description Versatile in its stabilization capability for high power binoculars, the Universal KS-4 provides lowest cost per device served. Ultra heavy metal gyro rims enable maximum stabilization in a minimum casing size. Military tested and approved, the KS-4 has shown the recognition capability of binoculars to be improved 2.4 times. For photographic work in low light levels, exposures to 1 second can be used (hand held). Hand-held devices to four (4) pounds can be easily stabilized by the KS-4. Specifications: Size: 2.8" diameter x 4.5" long Weight: 2.13 lbs (34 oz.) Power: 115 volts, 400 Hz, 12 watts starting with 4 watts running after 4 minutes run up time. 6 hours of run time off our 7.2 amp hour power pack. Panning Rate: 20 degrees per second WITH 3 DIFFERENT SIZE OF RING FOR DIFFERENT SIZE OF POST, READY FOR V-LOCK OR AB Battery new one now cost $2000 US. I like to ask for $1600 US plus shiping. Thank you Milan
  8. Hi, I'm sorry about this note, just want to let you know that picture you publish is showing just basic HF steering conversion which is they full price is around 800-900 dollars only. If you sale one for $2500 they look totally different. this one is only basic model. sorry mate, but If you pay originally 2500 some one sell to you overprice and I'm afraid you never sale this basic model for that money. Good luck :) all the best.
  9. I will second Andrew. I have my BFD for about 6 years (focus and iris system) I never have any problem and if I need anything i lost or accidently brake (ariels, cable, marking strips...) Jim will help ASAP and really his service is top notch! Plus it is so simple start with analog unit and when you want to upgrade to digital you can still use TX. You don’t have to buy everything again. I'm definitely for Jim’s BFD .
  10. 1can you sale rain cover and shade separet? thank you Milan
  11. I'm using BD3 for 4 years now and never have any problemart all. I never try Betz that I can't say anything about it, but I believe is very good too. I'm very happy with my DB3! Good luck and have great fly with your new tops stage don't meter which one you choose. All the best :)
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