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  1. Hi Clemens, these are my original measurements, does it come close to these? Nick
  2. Thanks for all the interest and sorry that I haven't been able to reply to everyone but a sale has now been agreed. Nick
  3. Bartec BFD kit, very light use (less than 1 year old) with M-One motor, gears, assorted power cables, boxed and in full working order. No longer have a rig so I'm now selling the BFD. International purchaser will need to arrange their own shipping. £1500.00 GBP + VAT Nick Bennett: 01296 670540 Pictures at: http://web.mac.com/nickbennett/iWeb/Site/Blank.html
  4. MK-V Nexus, privately owned light use only, very clean equipment 2" 2-stage post V2 Gimbal MK-V docking bracket Chrosziel Topstage and dove plate Film J-box V2 D-box Sony/Panaonic low mode bracket Transvideo Rainbow II Superbright Marell frameline and digital bubble Silverspring arm, very clean 3 x PAGLOK plates 6 x PAG L95's low cycles 1 x PAG 4-way charger 1 x PAG 2-way charger Cables Fitted cases New Jerry Hill arm covers This rig was posted a few months ago but had to be taken off due to a work commitment that I had for the equipment, it is now for sale at £19,950
  5. Beautifully machined anodised black weight cage for HDV type cameras with sliding plate and two sizes of rods for taller cameras. Comes in fitted Pelican flight case. £500.00 GBP + VAT
  6. MK-V Nexus kit (1 year old, light use, like new) including: MK-V Nexus with two-stage 2”post Chrosziel top stage + dove plate V2 Gimbal V2 D-box Film J-box, 3 x PAG plates + 6 x PAG L95 batteries PAG Freelancer two channel charger Transvideo daylight viewable 16;9/4:3 LCD Marell frameline generator and digital level docking bracket + c-stand Sliverspring arm Jerry Hill arm covers Klassen MK-V backmount vest (standard carbon arm) Fitted Pelican cases MK-V soft case Cables £22,950.00 GBP + VAT Kit is in UK, more info and pictures are available on: http://web.mac.com/n
  7. Hi Brandon, when I had my Flyer I had a new pin block made to allow connection with my Klassen vest and I found flying a digibeta OK, arm was maxed out but OK however post flex was issue with that much battery counterweight. Although economically speaking the vest cost me almost as much as the Flyer it made things much more comfortable than using the first generation Flyer vest.
  8. Nick Bennett


    Happy New Year Jason, It's just a feed from one channel, the 3D guy puts a bit of tape over one side of the monitor so that you frame towards the centre of the two images. The shots were the subject doesn't break the frame seem to be give greater depth towards the viewer. I do think 3D seems to be a bit of a passing phase but it still pays the bills. Nick
  9. Nick Bennett


    Just watched the 3D footage from this shoot in on a polarised projector theatre, looks pretty cool moving around the plane in the background!
  10. Jason, if you buy from a VW commercial dealer they will be able to fit caravelle springs to any T5 (although this is not an advertised option), this lowers the height by another inch and firms up the ride a touch, good if your thinking of the 174BHP version. Ive had two T5 Kombi's and the first had standard springs, even with all my kit and passengers it used to ride a bit high. Nick
  11. I had trouble getting a good fix on my Transvideo monitor. Just had this monitor plate made for a Transvideo Rainbow 2 SB, it uses a stock elbow spigot available from MK-V and has a machined alloy plate with 4mm lip around the bottom of the monitor to stop rotation. It also has center and offset mounting holes. I should of added, if anybody wants one (which I guess by the interest in this post would be minimal) contact me. Nick
  12. Prior to buying my MK-V Nexus I was using a Flyer arm and post with a Klassen vest, Howard at MK-V made me a socket block adapter so the arm would fit the Klassen. It was a great set-up for the HDV type cameras, I sold it back to them when I upgraded my kit so they may still have it. Nick
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