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  1. I see. Ok thank you sir. I’ll let you know if I decide to purchase
  2. Hello! What’s the reason you are selling? Did you not like it?
  3. Hey hey. Any chance I can buy just the canbus receiver power cable from you?
  4. @Christopher Nguyen for sure! Sorry for the late reply. Hit me up on Instagram: @gabekimpson
  5. Hello! I’m selling my brand new horizon monitor system from Smartsystem. This thing keeps your monitor always in the same position even if you rotate the camera. Great for trinity or ronity ops. Or steadi ops who do a lot of dutching. It came with my Matrix Package and I just don’t find myself using it, and really could use the money right now. Truly brand new out of the case. Put it on twice to practice. Comes with all you see in the pics - weights, brackets, case + power cables that I forgot to take pics of. New price is $1600 $1100 and it’s yours I’d prefer cash & local pickup in LA, but I’m willing to ship for the cost of shipping.
  6. Hi Michael, for sure. I personally like to balance it similar to a classic Steadicam with a 3-4 second drop time. I usually operate in the standard mode or low mode and RARELY find a need to operate it in javelin mode. I like to operate with the pan and tilt both activated on the R2 (pan/tilt follow or serene mode) that way if I want to tilt, it tilts. I do have the R2 thumb stick that I have used instead while deactivating the tilt follow (more like a trinity) but I find my operation more precise tilting with the full sled + follow mode. For the above build, I had to add a decent amount of counter weight + extended my sled quite a bit to get the desired counter weight.
  7. Thanks Domini and Maxwel! I appreciate the replies and insight.
  8. Hi James! So far no big issues to speak of. The main thing is just the overall weight which does take some getting used to. Also because the sled has to be so long, I have kicked it it a few times when I was getting tired and careless in the middle of a shot. The R2 hid it a little but you could still see the jolt. Parts wise, it took about 4 months to get my Matrix + arm + vest from Smartsystem. Italy was hit real hard with covid and manufacturing there was hard, is what I hear. As far as the R2, I've had it for 2.5 years and never had an issue. The only issue I've ever had is with the batteries swelling. After ruining 4 batteries and doing ample research, the main thing I learned is: don't put them on the charger hot...ever. Let them cool down after operating before starting them on charge. Also try to keep them out of the sun and heat as much as possible. The batts are luckily pretty cheap but Lithium is very sought after right now + manufacturing is hard - so it's actually pretty hard to find the TB50s right now. The best option is to go directly thru DJI.com. I highly suggest getting all the bits and bops from Cinemilled that you may need. I have the Mitchell mount + universal mount for dolly work, the dovetail plate + lots of counter balance weight. The Pan tail plate for counterweights, and the extension rods for taller built cameras.
  9. Hellooooo! I'm diving deeper into operating and am just looking towards the options out there. I'd love to hear some thoughts on the Betz Wave. One of the main questions I have is... can you lock it to enable big roll moves for rap video type shots, or is the roll control always on? But also - how does it compare to the very different but similar-goal-products like the Volt? Thanks!
  10. I have the x1 arm and loooove it! super smooth, super light, well built. You do have to change spring cores for extreme weight changes. But it takes about 1-2 mins to do so. I’m currently running a 73lb R2 + sled rig and it handles it with ease.
  11. Hi everyone! I always love perusing this site and reading about other ops journey and setups so I figured I’d finally give back a little and show my current set up. After years of being a gimbal op and hating how the ArmorMan 2 was on my body, as well as just the restriction of doorways and the absence of a good low-mode option, I finally pulled the trigger and got the SmartSystems Matrix sled with X1 arm…. And boy do I LOVE IT! I get the ergonomics and operability of a Steadicam with the roll control and smooth action of a gimbal. As well as being able to do some pretty crazy moves (with the execption of the trinity low to high jib mode in 1 shot - the tail gets in the way) + being able to switch to low mode in 15 seconds. :) Feel free to use this post to ask any questions of the setup or operation of it. I’m currently on a show that we are rocking the Venice + recorder + k35s + Preston … a 29lb camera package. With counter weights, the total sled comes in at 73lbs It’s a beast but with some workouts, smart operation, and taking care of my body, I’ve gotten exceptionally comfortable with it. We’re regularly doing 15-20 mins walk and talks + 100meter+ moves. It’s not for the faint of heart (or back) but neither is the Trinity or Omega. Happy operating and shooting!
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