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  1. Thanks for letting me know it is safe to go. Thank you Charles!
  2. Has anyone used a Pelican Air case to fly with? Looking for a safe and light way to travel with a zephyr kit. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello fellow operators. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to give some insight on what fair rates are to charge? I have had this discussion a couple of times but it seems to vary greatly. I am curious to know if people charge by the hour, give a day rate, and what all is included. I see many experienced ops say not to take low rates because it undercuts them and I completely understand that concern, but I am not trying to have that conversation. I just want to see how people go about negotiating. I am not sure if this will help but I started operating a glidecam with a vest in 2015, went to the aero in 2017, and now using a zephyr. My experience all comes from set and reading the steadicam operator's manual. I was saving for a workshop pre pandemic and I will do one once this starts to clear up a bit. I have worked on plenty of shorts, one feature, and a lot of other miscellaneous shoots but I have a ton to learn and I appreciate any guidance anyone is willing to offer. Thanks for your time.
  4. Jerry, thank you so much for your quick response and advice! That really helped me out a ton on set. I was able to scoot the battery closer to the post and march the monitor out. It wasn't perfect but it definitely helped a lot. I am not sure if links work on here but here is the final video if you are curious to see what it looked like. Happy to hear feedback if you have any as well!
  5. Hello Steadifam, I am having a hard time achieving dynamic balance on an aero 30 flying a c300 mk3. I think the obvious problem is that the monitor and the microphone holder swing out very far to either side. I was curios if anyone had any solutions to this interesting issue? I was thinking of a way to rig the monitor directly on top of the camera with a noga arm or something similar in fashion. I primarily fly this setup with the zephyr as well with canon EF or cinema primes. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! IMG_1933.HEIC
  6. SOLD, I highly recommend Pavel. Very communicative and professional. I hope the stand treats you well!
  7. Hey Pavel, I have one in LA. That I no longer use with my zephyr. Looking for $125. It has a carrying case with a small hole in it. Here is the B&H link as well: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/422581-REG/Steadicam_601_7910_601_7910_SteadiSTAND_for_Merlin.html?fbclid=IwAR019IygKOQr82nIcDtOUZvvD0EVSZ3PPpyB6vaJLSQn-1n4eqIyhS-Fg8o IMG_1442.HEIC IMG_1444.HEIC
  8. Justin, thanks for all that you do as a firefighter, I have a lot of family and friends in that line of work. I actually started on a glidecam 4000 myself. I eventually upgraded and got an arm and vest which significantly improved my payload. I was able to fly a sony fs700, odyssey monitor, and v mount battery no problem. Similarly I flew a RED Raven package with a smallHD monitor easily. The vest and arm are called x-10 I believe and I bought the whole rig for about $1,100. It was a great starter for me. If you are able to save you can also go with the Tiffen Aero 15 or 30. It's around 5k. I know that Steadicam was giving 1k back on a recent promotion. It may be worth looking into. I hope this helps!
  9. Hey Robert, this has been discussed at length a few times on the forum. Check out this link and see if it can give you some valuable information. Happy flying!
  10. Wow. That is quite the tale. Glad you are doing better, keep the faith!
  11. Lisa it was! Tiffen in Burbank knocked it out right away. Thanks for your insight, time to fly again!
  12. Hi Lisa, I just got in touch with Tiffen. They have the piece for a decent price so I am just going to replace it. I appreciate your knowledge!
  13. Thank you Chris! I was at Tiffen yesterday and we watched one of your videos for dynamic balance!
  14. Hello Louis, thanks for telling me how you repaired it. I have a Zephyr vest, I have a photo of it here too. Any thoughts? IMG_8653.HEIC
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