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  1. Justin, thanks for all that you do as a firefighter, I have a lot of family and friends in that line of work. I actually started on a glidecam 4000 myself. I eventually upgraded and got an arm and vest which significantly improved my payload. I was able to fly a sony fs700, odyssey monitor, and v mount battery no problem. Similarly I flew a RED Raven package with a smallHD monitor easily. The vest and arm are called x-10 I believe and I bought the whole rig for about $1,100. It was a great starter for me. If you are able to save you can also go with the Tiffen Aero 15 or 30. It's around 5k. I know that Steadicam was giving 1k back on a recent promotion. It may be worth looking into. I hope this helps!
  2. Hey Robert, this has been discussed at length a few times on the forum. Check out this link and see if it can give you some valuable information. Happy flying!
  3. Wow. That is quite the tale. Glad you are doing better, keep the faith!
  4. Lisa it was! Tiffen in Burbank knocked it out right away. Thanks for your insight, time to fly again!
  5. Hi Lisa, I just got in touch with Tiffen. They have the piece for a decent price so I am just going to replace it. I appreciate your knowledge!
  6. Thank you Chris! I was at Tiffen yesterday and we watched one of your videos for dynamic balance!
  7. Hello Louis, thanks for telling me how you repaired it. I have a Zephyr vest, I have a photo of it here too. Any thoughts? IMG_8653.HEIC
  8. Hey Aaron, thank you for your input. I will definitely factor all of this in!
  9. You are definitely right about that! Thanks. I knew there was something slipping my mind. I need to figure out the plate weight and cage, I will try and lose the top handle as well. Seems like it will be pushing 20lbs.
  10. Hey Brett, Zephyr has a payload of 23. I have been adding up the weight and it seems like it should all be okay? Venice is rated at 8 lbs, 10 oz. Cooke s4 is 3.5 lbs, IDX V Mount is 2.2lbs and I believe it's a light mattebox (Tangerine or similar 7.2oz.) FF should be minimal, Teradek is under a pound, the build overall is stripped down. I can't think of anything else that would really send it over. Does that seem good to you, am I missing something that will make it too heavy? Thanks for your input!
  11. Hello, I was wondering if anyone sought a mentorship when they began doing Steadicam? I've been considering finding one, but I don't want to bother seasoned ops or be an inconvenience.
  12. I noticed I have a slight crack in my vest. Not sure how concerned I should be. Do I need to have it serviced before flying?
  13. Hey Chris, I am looking for those back straps but I can't seem to find them on their site. Do you have a link by chance?
  14. Hello folks, I am going to be flying a Sony Venice for a project coming up and I was wondering if anyone has ever flown that camera and if there is anything I should be aware of? As far as I know it will be with cinema glass, mb, ff, and that's about it. I will be using a Zephyr, any concerns about the payload? Thanks in advance.
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