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  1. I am selling my Zephyr after trying it. Two-person documentary team and we just couldn’t devote any time to the Zephyr. Not enough hands for camera focus/mic/audio recorder/interview, along with the Zephyr! Original owner, purchased new from B&H. You can see the model here at B&H: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1348636-REG/steadicam_zebahmbvzz_zephyr_camera_stabilizer_with.html MFR # ZEBAHMBVZZ All the original equipment listed as “In the box” is included, plus I will include an unused Low Mode F-Bracket. You can see from the
  2. Thank you, Tim! I have paid at PayPal. Do I need to do anything else, or will it automatically happen? Ah, I see Sustaining Member under my name. Thanks again for immediate response!!
  3. I can't find where I pay the fee to become a sustaining member. Please give me some guidance. Thank you! Mike
  4. Sorry for the newbie questions. I’ve tried for days to reach somebody at Steadicam for advice, and then fortunately I found this forum. I am buying a Steadicam Scout for my son. I am aware that professional operators prefer the higher-end Steadicam models, but we just don’t have room in the budget for a Zephyr . At least we came up with enough to avoid Glidecam or other cheaper options. The camera will be a RED Scarlet-W that will weigh in at around 14lbs with: body, 5” touch screen, Brick battery, I/O expander, 2 Mini-Mags, handle, Canon lens, RTMotion Lattitude follow focus transmitter,
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