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  1. Looking to see if anyone has an American Stand tray they want to get rid of?
  2. Hey Jason, I work the Wisconsin area. Im based in Green Bay. PM me and Ill shoot you my info. -Kenton
  3. Hello, I'm looking to buy a Cinetronic Gen 2, or a day bright Transvideo monitor. Open to other high quality day bright monitors. I also plan on buying a cam-jam mount but if you have a used one let me know. -Kenton
  4. Does anybody have any experience working with the Teradek Beam, either on their rig or just in general? I'm looking at wireless options and the Beam is interesting because it has bi-directional IFB as an extra feature. How reliable is the signal for live on-air work? In a reasonable environment, does it take hits from time to time? Also, does anybody know of a production house that rents the unit out? I would really like to give it a try.
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