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  1. Brenton Lee

    Stolen FIZ lookout

    There are a few PDX film communities on Facebook you should cross post to as well. There's a special place in hell reserved for camera gear thieves. And also for people who steal bicycles.
  2. Brenton Lee

    Docking bracket for Scout

    Thanks so much guys!
  3. Brenton Lee

    Docking bracket for Scout

    Hi! I was wondering if the docking bracket for the Scout is unique to that model? When I search, I see brackets specific to models like the Pilot or Zephyr, but none for the Scout. Can anyone recommend me a particular one or know the best place to look? Thanks, Brenton.
  4. Brenton Lee

    Tiffen Steadicam Zephyr

    I saw one sell on eBay for $4100 just today which seems like a really good price. I've seen others go for $6k+
  5. Brenton Lee

    DJI Follow Focus

    I fried a DJI Focus motor first go. Was powering it straight from a Hypercore battery D-Tap, it worked a few times then made a sizzling noise and died. Absolutely not reason that should have happened. R.I.P little motor. Such a rip off.
  6. Brenton Lee

    Kind of off-topic but ... travel advice for LA?

    So many notes to take here. Thanks for the suggestions! I'm going to check out as many of these things as I can. I'm also going to drop in at Panavision and see if I can have a look around.
  7. Brenton Lee

    Preparing to attend a workshop

    Thanks so much for your advice everyone, I really do appreciate it.
  8. Brenton Lee

    Preparing to attend a workshop

    I just got a message today from an operator who highly recommended this video: https://youtu.be/-HkmzpQ2cHw It looks the goods.
  9. Hi there. I haven't been to LA since 2003 and even then it was only for one day so I'm wondering if anyones got any advice on things to do and see? I'll be there with no plans from 3rd till 8th of April, then 9th till the 15th doing the Steadicam Workshop in Long Beach. I'd love to check out anything film-related, etc and avoid the usual tourist traps (hence asking you guys and not google). This might tank, but any help is appreciated. Cheers Brenton.
  10. Brenton Lee

    Behind The Scenes "J. Edgar", Stephen Campanelli

    Pretty great. Now I want to re-watch the movie to put the shots back in context.
  11. Brenton Lee

    Vertical displacement (footage uploaded) help please !!!!

    I can't give you any advice as I'm a total newbie myself but thats a cool little scene and aside from seeming a bit crooked for a second here and there I liked it.
  12. Brenton Lee

    Preparing to attend a workshop

    Hey man! I'd love the chance to check out how it's done. I live in Australia but fiancée lives in Portland, OR so I'm literally transiting through LA 20 times a year. I can easily put aside a day to come check it out, I'll send you a PM, thanks!
  13. Brenton Lee

    Preparing to attend a workshop

    Thanks so much for the feedback and resources guys! Can't wait to get stuck in to it.
  14. Brenton Lee

    Preparing to attend a workshop

    So I'm doing a workshop in April next year and being that I haven't operated a steadicam before, I feel like I'll probably be the class handbrake and was wondering if there's anything I can do so I know as much as possible before the workshop starts? Any particularly good things to check out, habits to form, books or films to study? Any advice from people who did one and wish they'd have known something before they'd done it etc? I'm already 30, have done a bit of camera operation on student and short films but feel like I'm a bit behind everyone else in this day and age so I like to prep as much as I can ... Thanks!
  15. Brenton Lee

    Rig failure!

    The dude on the phone sums it up well. OH MY GOD.