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  1. Hi everyone! I've recently received my Steadicam Volt (finally) which I adapted to my CineLive sled. I think it's such a nice tool and I can't wait to put it to practice even more... Although I think it's gonna take me a couple more hours to get used to it. So that's why I'm very curious on hearing about your techniques and habits that you may have developed while working with it on set. Especially speaking about balancing, going from regular to low-mode (low low mode), changing lenses or setups, also rain gear? Are you completely rebalancing (putting it back on the stud, 3 seconds drop time, dynamic balance then put it to neutral) every time you change lens or make a small adjustment on the rig? Let's hear it! Cheers!
  2. Hi! Looking to buy a good quality slider, 3 foot max. Cheers!
  3. (I actually just found the same matter on my DBIII, and I just received it back from a service as well. I'll follow that post...)
  4. Hi everyone! I have a DB2 that has just been serviced by Jack at GPI. Used for about 2 years. 2200US OBO Let me know!
  5. Hi Jens, I got one that has just been serviced by Jack. 2 years of use, in very good condition.
  6. I have a Gen 2 Donkey Box if that can be of any help
  7. PRICE DROP : DB2 : 2200$ MONITOR ARM : 1200$ TRANSVIDEO YOKE : 300$
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