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  1. Hello all! Before pulling the trigger and buying straight from PRO this weekend wanted to last sec see if anyone is looking to sell a Pro long handle? Happy to pay in cash if local! (Los Angeles or Orange County area)
  2. This arm is in great condition, well taken care of throughout my ownership. I bought it originally at usedproequipment.com and have receipt if wanted. Gonna miss this arm and how buttery smooth it is, selling it because I recently went to the dark side and went tiffen ha Feel free to message me any questions PRICE: $8,500 Comes with: GPI PRO Atlas Arm Two grey canisters 6 inch arm post w/ collar 12 inch arm post GPI PRO arm bag PRO arm tools and extra parts (shown in left side main picture) Im in the Orange County/Los Angeles area, ideally looking for local buyers but open to shipping
  3. Thank you both! Looked at the website and Jim Candreva's screws are exactly what I was looking for
  4. Hello all! Having to buy more camera mounting screws and before purchasing them off adorama I was wondering where other op's buy theres/a place I could go to over ordering online? Thank you for any info! Joe
  5. Hello all! I've been recently considering selling my Transvideo Masterkit monitor mount setup but I'm having trouble finding how much post clamps are worth for these, I found the Master kit for sale online but cant seem to find the price/information of a post clamp for this and was wondering if anyone knows the price? Thank you, Joe IMG_8185.jpeg
  6. Hello Greg! Thank you for your input! I've had my eye on the cinematic precision one as well. I was wondering if you have the vertical or horizontal displacement Pro plate? And if you find one of the displacements more helpful (kind of the same question haha)? thank you again! Joe
  7. Hello all! I've been having some interest in buying a Betz universal steadicam plate but wanted to hear what other ops have as their go-to camera plate for the typical builds (Alexa Mini, Red, Blackmagic and so on)? Primarily been using my PRO Arri/Pana plate on my DB2. Thank you all for any input/advice on this matter! Hope you all stay safe and may your face shields stay fog-less ha, Joe
  8. Hello! I didnt realize but I recently learned from an op you cant record from a dslr while running hdmi which is why my set up didnt work! The power worked, Im having to try to find a cable set up to run it through the micro usb on camera Thanks for the reply!
  9. Hello all! I recently started using a Nikon d600 dslr to practice with in a cam cage. I have it hooked up with a hdmi cable to a Black Magic HDMI to SDI converter and then SDI to sled. Everything works well and shows up on my monitor (a transvideo hd6) while in record mode on my camera but as soon as I hit the record button it stops displaying on the monitor and stops the recording on the camera. Anyone know what may be going wrong or solution on how to fix this? I also tried with a friend's canon and it was doing the same thing, im wondering is the converter the culprit and any solutions? Thanks all for any help, Joseph H.
  10. Hello! I recently was out in shoot in the desert when I noticed a clicking-like noise coming from what sounds like my gimbal, I own a GPI Pro rig if that info helps. Does anyone know any leads of what might be the cause of it? I noticed it particularly when i was walking with the rig. Thanks, Joseph H.
  11. Hello all! Im deciding between two types of batteries for my first pro rig, between Core's batteries ( https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1135054-REG/switronix_gold_mount_4x_hypercore.html ) and BCB (https://broadcastcamerabatteries.com/shop/monster-kit/?mount=v-mount). I've used Core before and love them, last long, convenient and easy to see what the battery life is at, usb plus ptap in them, but I wanted to hear from other operators who own Core or BCB batteries and what they think of them (particularly BCB). I can afford the difference but I'm wondering is the price difference between Core and BCB worth it? Thank you, Joseph H.
  12. Thank you all for the replies! Really helpful! In the end I went to Terry West for my power cables, Bought some hyperthin SDI cables from media blackout and bought some curly SDI cables from B&H along with a ptap extension cable and a ptap splitter. Adding all that to my previous cables I think it may be a pretty good starter cable set Thank you all for the replies :)
  13. Hello all, Looking for a camera cage to practice with a dslr set up, cant find any place online selling them so hopefully someone here is selling one cheers, Joseph H.
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