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  1. Selling my Back up Preston HU3 Handset as have upgraded to HU4 This handset is in great condition and has no problems at all, was only lightly used as it was my spare. Comes with handgrip and blanking plate Serial - 1422 Looking for £4500, based in London and happy for you to view / test before sale. Also selling an MDR2 with a ton of cables, Cabled Iris Handset, HU2 Handset Cheers, Chris Starkey christopherstarkey@hotmail.co.uk 07511219688
  2. Hi guys, Is anyone selling: Light Ranger 2 Light Ranger M Light Ranger W VOU Box Cheers, Chris 07511219688 christopherstarkey@hotmail.co.uk
  3. Preston HU3 Handset in fantastic condition, G4 boards installed, latest Firmware. Selling this handset as it was part of my backup kit which is no longer required, hardly used. Comes with Hand Grip and Blanking Plate, Serial number 1433 £4500 Open to Offers, London IMG_4388.HEIC IMG_4179.HEIC IMG_2348.HEIC
  4. Selling a Preston HU3 G4 Blue Dot Handset, good working order Feel Free to ask any questions, Item located in South Carolina but can ship anywhere $4800. Or (£3700 Can have it shipped to London)
  5. Looking for a Cinetape Reverse Side Readout Display Cheers, Chris Starkey
  6. Looking to buy an Arri L-Cube 1 London, Cheers, Chris Starkey
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