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  1. I'm regretful to post this beauty, the moment I completed this rig purchase (it took several months of shipping from different vendors) I was presented with another opportunity in the film business that was hard to pass up... :blink: I'm selling everything you see here including the bag for the Titan arm. Michelle from GPI was so delightful during the purchase process, I'm impressed with the quality of all this gear - however i'm unable to use it properly at this time. I balance a red camera on this one time and walked around my house - thats it.... Zero scratches, Zero wear, Zero use, zero
  2. Bump. Correction; HU1 with transmitter 2 - taking offers for pieces and lot. Thanks
  3. Parts and pieces for sale, ill post some cables to throw in soon (for PRO). PM me with offers, questions and for more photos. Preston DM1, HU2, and MDR Blue dot for sale, all professionally maintained and ready for work. FYI - The MDR2 is set up for a HU3. -Joel
  4. Atlanta - joelcwarren@gmail.com Looking for used / bundle deals I have a PRO Cine Live Titan, Preston, AB digitals, Transvideo Xsbl setup - looking for backup cables. Also looking for backup monitor and starlite.
  5. I have an MDR2 G4 and i'm interested in temporarily retrofitting it with the G3 board for an HU2. Also, I'm interested in acquiring more motor cables/ serial/ command/ run stop/ trigger cables for: Arri Alexa (all models) Red Epic / scarlet Sony F55 And, finally - just throwing a line out there for a HU3... Thanks
  6. I'm in the market for another docking / balancing bracket. Jerry Hill - Gorlock 2 complete .625 studs for PRO PM or email evilbiochemist@yahoo.com
  7. Greg mentioned to me on set that he had a friend with a backup that might be for sale, Ill talk to him today. Thanks
  8. ... Before I buy a new rig this month.. I'll ask the experts: I am interested in purchasing an entire rig, Please send me your detailed rig and asking price in PM. If you have a Bartech or Preston that can be bundled, please include info. HD preferred. Frankinrig okay. Please NO glidecam, sachtler, MK-V Thanks. -Joel
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