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  1. Looking to buy shogun monitors .Please pm me if you, or someone you know is selling one. Thank you!
  2. Looking to buy a complete teradek bolt 2000 kit .Please pm me if you, or someone you know is selling one. Thank you!
  3. Hi. Looking to buy a complete Cmotion Compact one kit. In Good condition. Please pm me if you, or someone you know is selling one. Thank you!
  4. Steadyrig Silver spring Arms Steadyrig™ has a well-established name for quality, support and service in the Steadicam industry. Silver Spring™ arms are found from Spain to Thailand and Canada to Japan. Based on tried and true technology, they are built to the standards of aerospace engineering and are absolutely reliable. Steadyrig engineering are unique in offering a back-up arm for Silver Spring™ operators, giving extra peace of mind Summary13 to 63 lbs capacity Two tone spring cover Re-designed titanium spring ends (Anti twist/skew) Electro plated treated Trunnions Stainless Steel Trunnion Screws Thrust Bearing Dust Covers Stainless Steel Arm Post Screw Bearing-Assisted Stainless Steel Flow Drive Tensioning Bolts Corrosion Resistant Tensioning Bolt Thrust Bearings Corrosion Resistant Trunnion Bearings Stainless Steel Vertical Shafts Aluminum Spring Keepers Pulleys with Corrosion Resistant Bearings Stainless Steel Shanked Ball Swaged Cables Maintenance Free Self-Lubricating Tensioning Bolt Worm Drive Internal Anti Lock Bumpers Ergonomic Polished and Anodized Two Tone Spring Covers Stainless Steel Spring Cover Screws Reversible Titanium Pin Block and Aircraft pin Crank Tool for Tensioning Bolts All Bearings Packed with Waterproof Lubricant used by the Marine Industry Please Contact: Mr.Sameer Kharatmal (Authorised Agent/Dealer for Steadyrig Across Asia) email : sameer_kharatmal@yahoo.co.in watsapp: +91-9769573780 website: http://www.spectrumcinesolutions.com/international-partners
  5. The Walter Klassen Vest is sold in CANADA. I am Ready for a separate Sale. The Steadirig Silver Spring Arm Is Brand New. please email for price. The Boland bvb07a Monitor with all its accessories Is Brand New. please email for price. The Revised Price for all the Equipment's Listed in the post above (excluding the Walter klassen vest) Is USD26000. Hurry Up Please Mail me at : sameer_kharatmal@yahoo.co.in no replies or comments here please. Only email .... Thanks
  6. complete steadicam package for sale. 1)sled :Custom made carbon fibre 4 stage Telescoping superpost sled.Its a very Good Sled in terms of Stability and extremely low mode and high mode shots.Rock Solid.center post Dia:2inches.collapsed lenght:29 inches,extended length :80+ inches. No sdi output.No coiled SDI cable inside(could not find it in the market when it was being constructed) but you can install it if you want and find it.presently i hard wire the sdi cable from camera to monitor.which works fine and gives best picture without any Noise Interference which you get sometimes when it is center wired. Rest all power supply(12/24V Inbuilt switchable Circuit)in good working Order. 2)Arm :Steadirig silver spring arm.For any Load Cameras.Almost brand new.In Prestine condition.Had bought it recently.just 2 months old.only few shoots done on it.comes with a soft case. 2)Monitor:7" Day Bright Boland Bvb07a 1400nitts.Had bought it recently.Almost Brand new.just around 2 months old.with mounting bracket.with sun Hood.And power cables and adaptor.With Compay Packing as it came.plus a carrying case. 3)Vest : Walter Klassen Back Mount with all accessories in the pics(extra pads, extra bladder and ratchets).Used but in Superb Condition.see the pics. Operator waist size :32-34 inches, Height :5:10 inches. with a vest case. 4)Cables : 1 x sled to Alexa power cable, 1 x sled to red power cable, 1 x sled to bartech power cable, 1 x sled to cmotion power cable, 1 x sled to Teradek Bolt power cable, 2 x hdmi to mini hdmi cable, 1 x sdi to sdi cable, 2 x hdsdi to hdsdi cable. 5)Batteries : 2 vlock batteries. 6)1 Dual battery Charger. 7)Additional Gear Arm : Movcam Knight d202a Ideal for Red Cameras. vest: Movcam front mount vest. for all cameras. Monitor:7"Konvision monitor with sun hood. 8)Hard Cases: Steadicam Case; Vest Case: 9)Accessories: free with above purchase. camera mounting plate. practice weight cage.heavy if you can afford shipping. weight block :1kg Accessory mounting bottom plate. Stand. please let me know if wish to see more pics. Located in INDIA price: USD29000/- for everything listed above. Buyer pays shipping. For Questions and Enquiries contact : sameer_kharatmal@yahoo.co.in Enquiries,Questions and comments on email only please. Thanks.
  7. Hi I am sam from INDIA I am 5.10. Waist 34. I have walter klassen vest with the vest case and all accessories. Usd3400 plus shipping if you are interested contact me on sameer_kharatmal@yahoo.co.in Also i have movcam front mount vest in reasonable offer.. Let me know Thanks
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