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  1. NO ARM OR BATTERIES INCLUDED PRO Cine Live w/ full HD set up includes: DBIII Cine Live electronics- upper and lower VZ gimbal Gen III battery rack PRO telescoping center post w/HD cable 3x jumper blocks PRO telescoping monitor mount 2x docking clamps Hill Docking bracket 2 riser American stand w/ wheels 2x Cinetronic Gen 2 monitors w/ brackets (1 with A/B mount and the other with a weight for better dynamic and shorter post) 2x Cinetronic digital HD level PRO vest (I'm 5'10"/ 34" waist/ 210 pounds) Klassen Vehicle mount 1x PRO camera plate 1x XCS laterally adjustable camera plate 1x XCS long plate older set of antlers 2x Kenyon K6 gyros with mounts and A/B and AC power supply (haven't been used in a while, so they need to be checked) lots of cables and connectors cases for everything I'm sure there's more stuff that I'll throw in as I dig through cases. I just had the rig gone through and inspected by Jack at PRO. He gave it a super clean bill of health. The vest is worn, but in really good shape. Newer pads and velcro with additional pads as well. Just add an arm and some batteries and you're off and running. Am willing to discuss separating the rig, vest and monitors at the right price. It never hurts to ask, but please be realistic about offers. Located in Atlanta, but shipping is available at buyers expense. Asking $35,000 usd Feel free to email, text, or WhatsApp at anytime: +1-310-880-2233 F38D6B3F-7087-45D0-86FB-63BB11334895.heic 529B2348-1837-4987-ABEE-8ECFD783196F.heic 4932542B-6056-46B6-9974-33FC8FACE4B4.heic 47F4325A-1571-4E9A-AD2D-CA791BF0C723.heic B729DC58-257F-40E7-92D2-6B31B949CE0C.heic 17C5A5D9-FFC1-453C-A5F0-12AC5F87C700.heic 8284A8E8-0BD2-43CA-9659-086A49AD1CC5.heic 07CFEC2A-BEC0-4849-8DF7-5CCB4E55A915.heic E286C5CA-566B-424E-AC3D-B4E9053BE570.heic 152F05BA-E1CA-481E-B76E-BB473029842F.heic AB15CF8A-E27C-4BAC-941E-6E8F89EC0A12.heic 4116E666-E07F-4C22-8E55-ABA8AE64C586.heic 3A687C81-B93A-4D82-8D66-05A6F5919E6F.heic
  2. doc- either its going well or its not and im selling the cart for rent money! toss up at this point! ha. hope alls well with you!
  3. im selling my old and trusty steadi cart. originally designed by Erwin Landau, there were 5 made as prototypes for a production run. its made of powder coated, welded aluminum and is super sturdy. the design allows one person to safely and securely move both the complete rig and gear. the rig is securely held within the confines of the cart to provide impact protection as you move or store it.there are hangers for your vest and stand on the cart as well as a battery box for spare batteries and a bracket to mount a large umbrella. and if you want to use it, the handle shelf can be used to hold your chargers securely on the cart. although heavy, the cart folds flat and holds all the parts internally, making it easy to ship. included are: 2 sets of wheel chocks, hill/gorelock, vest hanger bracket, stand bracket, battery box, all the beat up stickers, and a new piece of carpet in case you want to change out the old dirty stuff thats on there. as of now, the casters for rolling it when packed need replacing. they are bolt on and easily fixable. I'm sourcing some now and should have them installed by the time I sell it. if not, I'll send them to you. this cart has been all over the world with me for years and has a few dings and scratches, but, there are many more years of good use left in her. its located in atlanta, but I'm willing to ship if you work out the details. asking $1450.00, buyer pays shipping.
  4. i am in the process of cleaning out the garage and have a pile of stuff that needs to be removed: -photo dividers for a 1650 case -battery/preston box for a steadi stand -2x xcs dovetail plates -anton bauer titan twq 4-bank charger -anton bauer 2702 4-bank charger -4x proformer batteries -preston hardwired iris paddle with 15' cable (#4450) -high hat -7" handheld monitor with sony battery back -3x 5" standard def monitors new in box -435 low mode bracket -moviecam low mode bracket -heavy duty noga arm -mini directors finder -petrol laptop case -wireless witness cam -sony vid plate -assorted other crap that needs a new home call me and let me know what you'd like. geoff 310/ 880 2233-cell
  5. dionics are officially sold. thanks for the calls. stil left: 4x proformers 1x titan twx simultaneous quad charger make an offer!
  6. okay folks, if you can't pay for something, please don't try to buy it from me! still for sale: 8x dionic 90's- 5x holding a good charge, but a few years old, i'll send you the readout on request 4x proformers- a few years old, but holding a good charge 1x titan twx, simultaneous quad charger the 2702 charger is gone. but feel free to make me a good offer on any and all of the remaining stuff. thanks, geoff
  7. waiting on the final sale, but it looks like the dionics and the 2702 are spoken for. the rest is still available. thanks.
  8. for sale are: -8x anton bauer dionic 90 batteries, 3x are dead or questionable, 5x are working well, charger says they are good voltage, they are a few years old, lightly used/low cycles and pretty much just lived on my chargers, $75 for the good ones, $50 for the dead ones -4x a/b trimpacs, 1x dead, 3x okay, $40 each -1x a/b titan twx quad charger, $700 -1x a/b 2702 quad charger with version 4.2 and discharge module installed, $600 -1x pelican case included with a big enough purchase make an offer for it all, or if the package doesn't sell soon, call me and let me know what you are interested in if you really need pics, i'll take some and get them to you, but this is pretty straightforward thanks, geoff 310/ 880 2233
  9. i love that you still have my stickers on there! that case worked all over asia for quite some time. before me, it travelled with steve adelson. good history in that case! geoff ps- call me if you are in town for cinegear
  10. kit for sale includes: 1x handunit 1x microwave transmitter 2x mdr-1, you can leave one on the rig and the other on the dolly or handheld 2x dm-1 digital motors 2x batteries, need recelling 1x charger 1x microforce with bracket and cable 1x wired remote iris paddle with 10' cable 3x mdr-steadicam brackets 2x 5/8" motor mount arms with clamps 1x 15mm motor mount arm 1x 19mm motor mount arm with clamp 5x asst pitch gears 15x focus rings 9x spare antennas for trx and rcvr 5x r/s cables 2x pana 10-pin, 1x arri/moviecam 3-pin, 1x arri 11-pin, 1x aaton 2-pin 1x 12' fiz command cable for hardwiring 1x 24v (3-pin) mdr power cable 1x 12v (4-pin) mdr power cable 1x pana 24v mdr power cable 1x arri 3-pin power/run-stop y-cable 1x11-pin mdr power cable ALSO: a complete back up in case of problems 2x uhf transmitters, batteries need recelling, can be done at any batteries plus 2x uhf mdr boards, can be easily switched out if there's a microwave problem 4x fast chargers for the transmitters 12v/24v power supply with 1x power cable 2x transmitter/handunit brackets 4x transmitter power cables 1x 12v-transmitter power cable 1x pelican 1600 case with photo dividers. the uhf is an easy, reliable back up if you have any problems. and the 2nd mdr-1 would allow you to add another handunit and have a second system. the only things missing from this kit are motor cables, easy enough to purchase from preston, and a steadicam power cable for the mdr. i'd be willing to go to preston and pick them up if you purchase them. the whole microwave set up was just tested at preston and works well. it is a well loved, well used, reliable system. asking $9500, but reasonable offers will be entertained. pictures available upon request. geoff 310/ 880 2233
  11. hi Geoff

    i was looking on the forum for preston stuff and i saw your old post. Does your pile of old Preston Parts still exist? I might be interested.Feel free to call,text or email.


    Trey Clinesmith

    310 990-2476 or treyclinesmith@verizon.net

  12. Hi

    if you consider splitting I will take an iris paddle and a Microforce bracket


    Rory Moles

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