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  1. Ericthegreat

    Looking For Gently Used Full Zephyr Rig.

    Yeah and there are always little charges here and there when you get a rig. Love to get an update on this situation though.
  2. Ericthegreat

    3D Printed Camera

    So apparently now they have technology where you design and 'print' your own working camera. http://www.digitaltrends.com/photography/3d-printed-camera-is-smaller-than-grain-of-salt/ All you have to do is upload the design of your camera, upload it to this '3d printer' and out pops your very own workable camera. Has anyone heard of this technology and is it real? Seems like it . . . I've even seen files rolling around like this camera mount: https://pinshape.com/items/17599-3d-printed-camera-mount If this is true, I would love to make my own custom rig. Anyone here heard about this?
  3. Ericthegreat

    Making Cables

    I second I mean . . . Third this! :) Great product indeed.
  4. Ericthegreat

    Were you ever in a situation where you said "No" ?

    Yup! Someone told me to get a close up of an Alligator at the local zoo. I had to lean over the fence to get it. OBVIOUSLY I said NO! R kidding me - ha!