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  1. Hey Alex, Take a look at my Artemis. It's Volt compatible.
  2. Hey Ricardo, Check out my steadicam package. It's a complete kit. Everything you need to get started. Check it out. If you are interested maybe we can make a deal. Cheers, Trevor https://steadicamforum.com/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=32071
  3. It is a 3G monitor mount. Maurizio Aloi Calicocam makes them. https://www.facebook.com/100003057581781/posts/4175183505926861/?sfnsn=mo
  4. This package also includes, a Super post and rain cover for the arm and sled.
  5. Hello Everyone, I'm selling my Sachtler Artemis Cine HD sled, vest and arm. It's a complete Sachtler Artemis steadicam package, everything you need to walk on set. Everything was well taken care of and in excellent condition. Here's a list of the items: - Sachtler Artemis Cine HD sled with 3 gold mount battery plates. New HD line upgraded by Terry West. The 1.5" post is VOLT compatible! - Sachtler ACT 2 vest and original soft bag. Comes with additional pads so you can adjust it to fit any operator. - Sachtler arm with accessories and original soft bag. - Sachtler docking bracket. - Custom camera power cables by Terry West. RED, Alexa, Amira, Sony, Panavision, Arri. - SmallHD 702 bright monitor with gold mount battery backing - 2 sliding camera dovetail plates. - Low mode bracket. - Practice cage and weights. (Fauxlex pictured not included) - American Grip steadicam stand with wheels. - 8 Brand new B4B 90wh batteries with quad chargers. (Never been used) - Original cases included. One for the sled. One for the vest and arm. Total asking price: $34,950 Total Package Retail Price = $45,000+
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