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  1. Hello everyone!! I'm looking for an original GPI PRO Titan arm located in Europe, I'm based in Barcelona. I need 4 blue canisters and 2 black ones, although I wouldn't mind have 4 and 4. Will be nice if the package contains accessories like J bracket for low mode and different posts, but I'm not close to see some offers. You can contact me by here, or directly to my mail: hola@aos.camera Thanks so much in advance!! Alberto.
  2. Hello, I'm Alberto Ojeda, a steadycam operator based in Barcelona. I have a problem with MKV and I'm asking for some help... The thing is that I bought the v4 electronic directly to MKV. I spoke with Karen, all was perfect until I did the payment. Then she stopped to answering me my mails, so I started to call them by phone, but equally, there is no any answer. Two months after, I still without my electronic and without any answer... Could anyone help me?! Thanks!!
  3. Hello! I want to update my MK-V Nexus sled to HD, so I would like to get a V3.5 or V4 J and D box (with cable) to my sistem. Actually I have a V2, and I wouldn't mind make a change and pay a difference. That's all friends, you can contact me by phone or email: +34 625 27 998 69 hola@aos.camera Thanks!!
  4. Hello! I'm want to have my MK-V Nexus in HD. Now I'm using a V2 electronics, so I would like to upgrade my sled with a V3.5 or V4. I'm searching a: - J-box V3.5 or V4 - D-Box V3.5 or V4 - His cable You can send me a PM, or write me to my mail hola@aos.camera Thanks so much!!
  5. RESOLVED!!! http://www.mk-v.com/?p=556
  6. Hello everybody!! I've a MK-V Nexus and I want to make my own cables, now im trying to make a Lemo FGG 1B 3-pin to fisher (for ALEXA) but I don't know the polarity of the connectors in the J-box V2 so, anyone of you know how could I do it? Or anyone of you have a manual of the J-box V2? Thanks so much in advance!!
  7. As the title say, I'm looking for a single axis Helix to use with my steadicam. Brand Letus.
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