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  1. Hello people!! I wan to try an electronic monitor horizon for the AR, but I only know 3 models, and I don't know which one is better. I know those ones: - https://www.smartsystem.com/product/smartcam-horizon-lite/ - https://www.smartsystem.com/product/smartcam-horizon/ - https://www.toughgaff.com/product-page/rock-a-bye-baby So, does anyone know any other more? Can you tell me which one are you using and why do you like it? Thanks so much in advance!! ^^ Best regards.
  2. Hello mates! Do you know any good agency for camera and steadicam operators focused on commercial projects? Thanks so much in advance!!
  3. Thanks so much for the reply Jake!! Sadly, is what I though... Anyways I'll build a cable for it, can be useful in some cases, and everything looks so much tidy❤️
  4. Helo guys!! Since long time ago, I saw in my Transvideo monitor that the ACC connector it have the 4 first pines to power + vídeo, but I don't know how it work the video side. I tried to understand it with the monitor users manual, but I couldn't. My sled is the RIG Betz, and it have a MONITOR connector at the bottom, so if I plug the SDI from the camera to the top stage bnc, do the electronic of my sled convert the HD image to have video trough this MONITOR connector at the bottom of my sled? So if I plug a 8 pins lemo cable from the bottom of my sled, to the 8 pins lemo ACC connector to the monitor, do I have power and HD video with one cable without SDI cable?! I hope I'm clear with this doubt, so thanks so much in advance!!
  5. I always send before shooting a memo deal where it says that if you cancel or move the dates when I'm already confirmed, they owe me the 50% of the total rate, but if they cancel or move the shooting 7 days before the shooting, they owe me the 100% of the rate. And I also wrote that not answering anything to the memo deal, it means that they accept all the conditions if they book me, because sometimes have happens that the have confirmed me, but the shooting have been cancelled, so they call me saying 'Hey I couldn't read properly your memo deal, but the shooting is cancelled, how can we fix it?' so I respectfully answer: It's easy, read it and pay it.
  6. You need to pay once $50 for a lifetime membership. If you already did, I don't know what's wrong because I can post.
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