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  1. Yes! I've someone interested, but I still having it, email me if you want to hola@aos.camera
  2. Hi there mattes. Do anyone have the file for 3D printing of the PRO vest and the xArm Key holder?! By other side, do anyone know the size of the screws for that piece? Thanks so much in advance!!
  3. Hi all! I'm just selling the equipment of a friend of mine. I tested everything to see that all is working correctly and yes, is fully functional. The system support a weight between 2kg and 8kg. The equipment is ready to flight, it comes with: - Transport bag - Vest - Arm - Sled + plate - AB Batterie + dtap charger - Monitor - Docking bracket - Power cable. - Tools and aks - Manual instructions I'm asking for 4.500€ O.B.O. (shipping cost by the buyer) I prefer to sell it in the EU, the equip is in Barcelona. For a fastest answer, contact me in this mail:
  4. Hello!! I'm Alberto Ojeda, a steadicam op. based in Barcelona. I'm searching a segway with the handsfree already installed to buy in Europe. Failing this, I'm interested too in a company that makes the handsfree for the segway. I saw http://steadiseg.com/index.html but is extremely expensive and I dislike it... Any info is wellcome. Thanks so much in advance!
  5. Hello Cedric!! Thanks so much, I was already following this project, but I would also like go to the streets to practice in real scenarios, that's why the geared head. Did you doit? Does it works properly?! Said that, I think I'll finally do this wheels for the simulator, because is harder to find what I'm looking for than I thought... Thanks so much
  6. Hi everyone!!I would like to buy a geared head to practice wheels at home.My budget is not so much, but I'm open to hear any proposal.I'm located in Barcelona, so searching mainly for European sellers, but any info will be welcome.My mail is hola@aos.cameraThanks so much in advance!!
  7. I'm selling my beloved RT Motion. It's in great conditions, never rented, always used as a personal tool. It almost doesn't have cosmetics marks. I'm located in Spain, so I prefer europeans buyers, but I'm opened to hear any propose. I'm asking 3.800€ OBO, buyer pays the shipping. I'm gonna upload more pictures, but basically this is what I have: -x1 MK3.1 Controller (two channels) -x7 rings (1 original, 6 3D printed) -x3 LP-E6 bateries + charger -RT Motion neck strap -x1 MK3.1 motor -x2 focus ring -Latitude MDR-M -Bracket for latitude to 15mm bars -Focus Thumbwheel
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