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  1. Looking for a SmallHD 703 - will be using it as a dedicated monitor for my MK-V Omega Stabilized monitor mount; I've been swapping back and forth from my cam jam mount to the Omega monitor mount and its become a hassle to deal with each time. So I'm not looking for any crazy kit, just need monitor (assuming seller doesn't have specific cables I need). Cheers Jared
  2. Hey Mike, thanks for replying - i managed to email him and got a response so I'm finally making headway there. Sandro, It is now! It has been a much longer process than I'd like but I finally received my AI and cables again and had a successful test. The only solution I can say is to not let up on communication, keep emailing and calling every week. Thats what I did, and I also had assistance with my financing agent as well to poke them a little - it wasn't an ideal solution but having multiple voices I think helped light a fire under them. All the best, Jared
  3. I've been able to (just barely) communicate with Karen and Ashley, but it has been a struggle. I received my Omega AR in March but there was an issue and I had to send the AI module back for inspection and any needed repairs - that was in late April. Covid-19 caused issues with fedex deliveries but it eventually made it into their hands in early May. Since then it has been a lot of heavily delayed responses. I was on the phone with Ashley today wherein he guaranteed the module and batch of new cables would be shipped by EOD and that he'd provide an email with tracking number, nothing yet
  4. Previous owner was Katy Most who was kind enough to entrust me with this kit and now I in turn am ready to entrust it to a new operator. I am hoping to sell it all as a package deal. Some items are being added as extra but can be removed if not needed by the purchaser - I will label which items these are. I will reduce the price of the overall package if the buyer does not want this items. Price is listed at the bottom of the post. Based out of Austin, TX. Can meet anywhere in Texas. Anything out of state will require shipping. Buyer pays for shipping. For Sale: Tiffen Ste
  5. Hey Damian, I will send you a private message. Cheers
  6. As the title says, looking to buy a Wave1 by Betz Tools. Thanks!
  7. Hey Kyle, I'd be interestd in those. *messaged*
  8. I wanted to inquire with fellow ops on their preferred mounting method for the Gyro Inverter, what do y'all prefer/recommend? Preferably something universal (or close to) for ease of transitioning from one sled to the next in due time. Cheers, Jared
  9. Copy that. Thanks for the info, Lisa! Jared
  10. Hey Lisa! Good to hear from you, hope you've been doing well since the workshop! Thanks for the info, and do you have a recommendation on a safety line to hook in from the harness to a vehicle's anchor points? Jared
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