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  1. Hey Damian, I will send you a private message. Cheers
  2. As the title says, looking to buy a Wave1 by Betz Tools. Thanks!
  3. Hey Kyle, I'd be interestd in those. *messaged*
  4. I wanted to inquire with fellow ops on their preferred mounting method for the Gyro Inverter, what do y'all prefer/recommend? Preferably something universal (or close to) for ease of transitioning from one sled to the next in due time. Cheers, Jared
  5. Copy that. Thanks for the info, Lisa! Jared
  6. Hey Lisa! Good to hear from you, hope you've been doing well since the workshop! Thanks for the info, and do you have a recommendation on a safety line to hook in from the harness to a vehicle's anchor points? Jared
  7. Tiffen Steadicam Aero Sled with the A-30 Arm and Zephyr Vest. Purchased directly from Tiffen on 12/30/2016 and used from January 2017 to May 2018. Has not been used since and is currently resting in its case. Based out of Austin, Texas. Will ship. Itemized: Steadicam Aero Sled V-Mount (with counterweights) A-30 Arm Zephyr Vest Low Mode Bracket Steadi-Stand Docking Bracket Pelican 1650 Case (fits all gear minus vest) w/ Kaizen cut foam for arm, sled, monitor, and weights. Lid Organizer. Total price would come to roughly $6300 brand new; my starting price is $5000. All gear is in great shape, well taken care of. PM w/ offer. (Apologies for photos, haven't had time to get proper 'product' photos) Thanks, Jared
  8. Hello all, I am currently looking into purchasing gear for hard mounting (such as the WK vehicle mount). I was also going to purchase something along the lines of a Miller Titan Body Belt w/ D-Ring for operating on vehicles where I can hook in for safety (of course). Would anyone have recommendations on a tethering cable? I have some ideas but would first seek some other ops opinions.
  9. Sled and Arm still available (with docking stand and case)? Already own a Ultra2 vest.
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