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  1. Hey Simeon, Currently have a pending sale - if it falls through and no other (full kit) buyer comes forward I will notify you.
  2. Price drop to $5,400 Eliminating price of Wave Rider in kit since this component isn't widely used compared to the blue riser plates. The wave rider will still be in the kit, so its essentially a free addition.
  3. Since I am not including the Betz Tools Dovetail Plate (which is needed to clip into the wave's platform) I am dropping it to $5,700 to take into consideration the purchaser's need to separately buy a plate from Betz.
  4. Greetings operators, I am selling my Betz Tools Wave as I have recently changed to an Arri Artemis 2 sled and Volt combo. This device has worked beautifully and had 0 issues since I purchased it. Below is an itemized list of all contents for this kit and photos attached. I am seeking $5,700 (originally $6,000) OBO for everything - this takes into consideration MSRP and discounted based on usage, wear and tear, age, and secondhand ownership. MSRP would be $8,500 if purchased new. I will split shipping 50/50 domestically. International purchasers will need to cover 75% or more based on distance and overall cost. Itemized List: 1 x Betz Tools Wave1 1 x Betz Tools Waverider 1 x XCS Stubby Plate 2 x Blue Riser Plates w/ screws (100% recommend and suggest this for use with the Wave to achieve neutral balance) 1 x Pwr Cable to D Tap 1 x Pwr Cable to 3 pin 0B lemo (GPI Pro) 1 x Pwr Cable to 4 pin 0B lemo (Artemis 2) 1 x SD / micro SD card for firmware updates 1 x Case with cut foam for Betz Wave + Wave Rider, Cables Please feel free to reply or DM me for further questions! Kind regards, Jared
  5. Hello ops! I am selling my trusty GPI Pro Cine Live sled - I recently upgraded to an Artemis 2 / Trinity 2 system. This kit includes the Sled, high mode monitor, power cables, multiple dovetail plates, SOS plates, rain covers, sunhood, and so on. Below is an itemized breakdown of everything included. Photos attached (stand and hill docking bracket not included) If you wish to purchase everything listed, I am looking for $26,750 (this takes in to account MSRP with discount for use, wear and tear, age and second hand ownership) OBO. The MSRP of everything listed would have been $36,580. I am open to splitting some of the listed gear (extra camera power cables, dovetail plates) except for anything that would prevent the sled from being operational on its own. I will split cost on shipping 50/50 (domestically). International shipping purchasers will need to cover at least 75% of shipping. Additionally, I am selling a Betz Tools Wave1 that I used alongside the GPI Pro Cine Live sled. If you are interested in purchasing both this kit and the Betz Wave, I will provide further discounts for bundling them together. Itemized List: 1 x Center Post telescoping 1 x Betz Top Stage (w/ 3x 15mm rods for low mode monitor or other AKS) 1 x Pro Gimbal 1 x Gen. 3 Battery Rack (AB) 1 x Upper Junction Box 1 x Lower Junction Box 1 x Center Post Cable 1 x Transvideo HD8 Cinemonitor 3 x Jumper Blocks (different battery configuration) 2 x Hill Docking Clamps 1 x Betz Long Dovetail Plate 1 x Betz Mounting Set for Alexa 2 x Betz Tripodlok Plates (SOS plates) 1 x Apex Cinema Alexa 35 Dovetail Plate 1 x XCS LT3 Dovetail Plate 1 x Arri Alexa Mini LF Dovetail Plate 1 x Rencher Industries Intersex Plate 1 x Block Battery V Mount Plate 1 x Pro Low Mode Grip (rare item) 1 x Gen 3. Battery Rack Rain/Dust Cover 1 x Transvideo Monitor Rain/Dust Cover 1 x Sun Hood for Transvideo HD8 Cinemonitor 1 x Cam Jam Quattro Monitor Mount 1 x Apex Cinema 24v power cable 1 x SJS 24v panavision cable (1S-2 pin) 1 x SJS 12v panavision cable (2b-4 pin) 1 x 2 pin Fischer power cable (Alexa, Arri Film cameras) 2 x 4 pin XLR power cables (for use on intersex and BB v mount plates) 2 x 2 pin 0b lemo to 3 pin 0b lemo (powers smallhd, teradek, and other devices thru upper and lower JBs) 4 x Monitor Power Cables for Transvideo HD8 Cinemonitor (varying lengths) 1 x Pelican 1650 case 1 x Innerspace cut foam 1 x Gimbal Tool 1 x Collar Tool Please reply or DM me for any additional questions! Kind regards, Jared
  6. Hi all, Selling my NODO Inertia Wheels. They have only been on set once, practiced with a dozen times or so, otherwise just been sitting in their case on my shelf all year. They're essentially NEW, almost completely unused. If you have any questions, feel free to ask on here or in DMs. Soon, I will upload additional photos of the case + cables + aks that aren't shown. Asking for $9000 (brand new before tax would be $9365) for everything, if you don't need/want batteries + charging hub, I will mark off $500 and sell at $8500 List of contents below: NODO Inertia Wheels (3-Axis) (NOT Max wheels) 2.4 ghz and 900 mhz antennas Cables (Ronin, D Bus, freefly Com, D Tap power, 30v AC-DC power supply) Wireless Receiver Foam Insert SKB 2011-8 Case TB50 Battery Adapter 3 pin XLR Block Battery Cable 2 x TB50 Batteries DJI Charging Hub
  7. Bump Price drop to $23,000 OBO Same as before, will drop $500 off either scenario for cables or ipod & other AKS.
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