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  1. Tom Williams

    XCS Ergo Handle 'Regular'

  2. Hi all, For sale is a used XCS ergo handle "regular". Bought mid way through last year with my current rig. In good condition. Rubber slightly warn and has a small split. Feels smooth. Holes could have been drilled better, ( done by previous owner ) hence lower price. email or message me for more photos or details to tomwilliams@me.com Asking £550 Will ship anywhere, buyer pays.....
  3. Tom Williams

    i wish to become a sustaining member

    all sorted
  4. Hello, i wish to become a sustaining member but can't seem to find any where to pay the fee to do so, Please help!
  5. Tom Williams

    New Transvideo monitors at the NAB 2018

    What does the V2 upgrade give you?
  6. Tom Williams

    Movi on steadicam arm / steadimate..

    Hey again, Due to arm availability etc.... should now be using a pro arm, with either two blue or two black canisters, which ever combination works best really, will start proper testing next week, with regards to monitor i should be using the small hd 702 offset slightly left nearer the steadimate.. (I'm goofy) will post up some pics and feedback sometime next week! Was also thinking of using the cinemilled arm post mount... anyone used this before? Thanks to all x
  7. Tom Williams

    Movi on steadicam arm / steadimate..

    Thanks for all the replies so far, very useful info , set up is Movi pro with steadimate, Alexa mini, Leica summicron, exovest and G50 arm to start with.....
  8. Tom Williams

    Movi on steadicam arm / steadimate..

  9. Hi all, I have a job coming up where we are thinking of putting a movi on a steadicam arm, maybe using a tiffen steadimate. Has anyone had an issues in the past with this, is there anything I should know before we go for it? Many Thanks!