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  1. Hi everyone, looking for a SK steadicam dovetail plate... thank you for your help chris steadrunner@sfr.fr
  2. Hi Everyone, Found these parts in my home I never used PRO GPI SD top Stage, GPI PRO Telescopic centerpost with SD Cable and CP IIIA Gimbal in very good conditions. Center post and top stage $1 250 CP IIIA Gimbal $ 850 accepts offers Parts are in Europe. Thank you for viewing. Chris
  3. Yes it is a PRO post with upper jbox à with SD cable.Send me an offer, this post is in my home in France, I can send it overseas. thank you steadrunner@sfr.fr
  4. Hello everyone, received some requests about split my package but I really want to sale this PRO Sled with all the stuff. The package is ready to go overseas in Pelican flycases.this Rig is less used...I used it this year only one time for a demo... Thank you for your emails. Chris
  5. Hello Rochelle, my RIG is still for sale...

    all the best


  6. Sorry no donkeybox , only upper junction electronics box with post...
  7. GPI PRO 2 centerpost with SD cable and upper donkeybox.I will send pictures tomorrow...
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