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  1. Jordan Tetewsky 2


    HD has adjustment knobs for static balance which is much easier than shifting the top plate with your hands.
  2. Jordan Tetewsky 2

    "Too Late" 20 min 35mm take with 2 ops

    Saw this film- it was a hilarious mess, akin to "the room" but with a bit more of a vision. Much better trailers than actual movies. The second section was not rehearsed or choreographed at all. I imagine this was more the ego of the director than the steadicam operators. At one point they have to whip from person to person in an argument, and the camera rarely lands in the right place or on the right person. The movie would have definitely benefited with coverage, and not using steadicam to shoot the majority of it. There's a table section within the club scene where the operator has to do a bunch of unmotivated movements after holding on a wide 2 shot for a couple of minutes, that again, does not work for the scene.
  3. Jordan Tetewsky 2

    Pride and Prejudice

    Just wanted to open up a discussion about this film- the steadicam work in this film is just so well executed, and the blocking in these scenes is amazing. If Simon Baker is on these forums, I would love to hear from him about the experience of shooting these. On the whole, every shot in this film was gorgeous- I wonder why Roman Osin and Joe Wright didn't continue to work together more. I think Pride and Prejudice is probably Joe's best film, and best looking one.