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  1. Hi Nick,

    I just saw your post about a sled rental in LA.

    Give me a shout if you are still looking for oneĀ 



    1. Nick Janssen

      Nick Janssen

      Hey Andrea!

      Yes.. Im still looking for one! Do you think you can help me?


  2. Tristan, Others have asked the same question. I don't necessarily mind if the package is split up as long as it all sells, meaning if there are other people out there interested in the rest I'm more than happy to sell individual items. The F/I unit would probably the last piece I would sell once everything else is gone. I'll keep your name in the hat in case I end up going in that direction. Thanks!
  3. For sale is a very well cared for kit. $16k It includes: HU3 F/I HU MDR2 DM1X DM2 DM2 Everything is in really nice shape with very little wear. Several cables come with the package. Integrated mounting brackets for the 2 DM2 motors as well as hill brackets. Chargers and several batteries included. Innerspace ATA case. Cinetape interface cable. MDR mounting bracket. I'll have photos and a complete list of cables by tomorrow.
  4. No pins or insides. Just shells. Best offer
  5. 2 Analog five pin motor cables 2 arri run/stop (three pin) 3 arri run/stop (film camera) 1 24volt analog receiver power cable (with voltage regulator) 1 jumper power for analog receivers 1 hard wire hand unit-analog receiver Best offer Thanks
  6. Acquired a few years ago as a project and never finished. Originally a EFP sled, custom battery hanger, currently not wired. Comes with two top stages, batteries not included $1500.
  7. Very nice shape. Available in Los Angeles
  8. Package #3 sold Package #2 pending Package #1 still available
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