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  1. Hi Andrea, do you have a more detailed breakdown of the included pieces? What are the top stages, distribution boxes, monitors etc., and how is the sled modified (battery hanger)? Thank you for your time!

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    2. Andrea Miraglia

      Andrea Miraglia

      Sorry for the late reply, for some reason I am not getting the notification through my email, I have to log in to see the new messages.

      Anyway, we can definitely chat on FaceTime whenever you would like. Saturday morning works for me.

      As far as the sled it is ready to work. I don’t have any plates. I have another PRO sled that I loaned to a friend of mine and he has it on his show with all the plates. I can see if he is not using one, but they do come up for sale often.  Do you have a vest? I will list a modified 3A vest soon. I’m only saying it in case you are in e market. 

      And I can meet your friend if you decide to buy it.

      323 456 6367

    3. natw1n


      No probs! Sorry about the short notice, I just got up haha. I will be free in about a half hour. That cool with you?

    4. Andrea Miraglia
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