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  1. Hi Andrea, do you have a more detailed breakdown of the included pieces? What are the top stages, distribution boxes, monitors etc., and how is the sled modified (battery hanger)? Thank you for your time!

    1. Andrea Miraglia

      Andrea Miraglia


      the top stages are pro 1 generation, very simple in design and very solid. There are scratches and battle scars but they are still functional. One of the two top stages is missing a screw that holds the locking mechanism but I’ll try to have it sorted before I sell it.

      the distribution boxes are a bit of a mix bag. The one that is on the Sled is an original pro box, the second one is a custom box attached to a pro bracket, and the third one is just an empty custom box.

      the monitors are trans video 3a super bright. I have a third one I will include, it fires up but it gets stuck in the initial booting phase, I guess it could be good for parts. 

      The lower base is from a pro2 and the battery hanger is custom made.

      the hill bracket is gad1 

      The gimbal is from a 3A

      I hope this helps.

      Are you in Los Angeles? There are a couple of people who are interested in coming over to take a look at the sled.


    2. natw1n


      Hey Andrea! Thanks for the info, it does help thank you! Does this come with a dovetail at all? I’m looking for a package that requires minimal work for me to get it going. That being said I’m okay with doing an HD upgrade myself, but is there any other work that has to be done to this sled to get it to fly? 

      I’m located in Toronto but I have a friend in LA that can pick it up if I decide to buy. As for taking a look at they sled would you be open to a facebook/FaceTime/zoom call?




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