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  1. Looking to buy an old school style PRO docking bracket. I've never liked the fancy ones and I need another backup and GPI no longer makes them. Anybody have one laying around in their garage? Thanks, mm 305-606-6844 (text if you have one)
  2. Hey Thomas! I don't use a segway regularly so I have not had a chance to use on one. I frequently mount it to various side by sides or camera cars or bikes. If I ever get a chance, I'll post some video!
  3. Hey Joe, I don't have a stand. I dock on my cart and just make sure my cart is near set. On the very rare occasion I can't fit my cart I just take a baby c stand or a combo stand from the grips or electricians and use that. But I actually do not like my dock too close to set. I prefer to hold the rig. If I decide to dock it, I want to actually walk away from the action where nobody can talk to me :D
  4. As a counter point... I had a gen one pro where I adjusted my gimbal with a 5/32 on the gimbal and the grip, that was a bit time consuming. My second PRO had a VZ gimbal. It worked fine but I didn't use it much. The one I just got is the flip latch (not kip handle) gimbal. It's my favorite so far. Super simple, light and mechanical simple. And I can make slight adjustments in micro seconds. I'd get the non VZ. My 2 cents.
  5. The charger and two Hytrons have been used 2 or 3 times.... Practically new. Also throwing in 4 used HC's. Will post pictures tomorrow when I get a chance. Will ship for free to continental US. $1000 obo.
  6. Small HD DP7 Highbright. Viewable in the most harsh conditions, super durable, no issues for many years, I own 2.
  7. One of the AC's had one on set last week. Thing was amazing. I've been using a DP7 Highbright for several years now (one on my sled and one as an operators monitor) and I'd put it in the awesomeness category of my PRO arm. I'm not even sure if I can find anything to fault on it. And I've flown most of the top steadicam monitors made since 1998. It's fully visible in the hardest light. It's super sharp. The functionality of the buttons is nearly perfect. I've done everything short of use mine as a hockey puck and they keep working perfectly. The size and form factor are perfect. What else can you say about it??? And the new one seems if anything even brighter and more awesome!
  8. As I have no patience, I'll lower the price.... $5500, buyer pays shipping.
  9. I know this isn't your question but I can't help my self... I bought my first PRO vest in 1998 (it was vest 005). When you get the vest you go to a tailor and get your measurements so the vest fit's perfectly. I wore that vest for about 7 or 8 years and then bought my second. I didn't have time to re-measure myself for vest number two so I just told them to use the same measurements. Vest #2 fit like a glove and I had it for about 10 years??? I just (like two weeks ago) got PRO vest number 3 using the same measurements I had when I was 24 years old and it once again fit perfectly. It took me about 3 minutes to align and adjust the straps and (apart from the lack of that 'funky smell') I couldn't tell the difference between the previous vests. My point is for me the PRO vest fits perfectly. I can also say that in 19 years and 3 vests I've never had a single mechanical failure or issue and I put my vest through the ringer. Finally I'd say I've tried several other vests on set while shooting and have never found one I liked as much as the PRO. But to be fair, I have not tried the EXO or the Ultra. As Lisa said, the vest is a very personal piece of kit and you have to find the one that works best for you. My 2 cents.
  10. Hey Felix. First I'd say don't stop with your body, stop with the sled. So if I want the rig to stop say 6 feet from where I'm starting, my body may go 7 feet or 5 feet from that mark but the last thing to stop moving is the sled, not me..... Though some times it's only a millisecond difference. That being said, every shot is different so sometimes you literally stop everything all at once with one shoulder up against a wall or the rig stops at full stretch of your arm because of the way the room is laid out. Also making sure your putting all the power on the gimbal not the post will make those stops cleaner (sometimes during the moving part of the shot I find I end up gripping the post tighter but I always try and go loose before I start or stop). And to your actual question, my arm goes off my right side and the rig sits on my left side so when I get to stop in the 'perfect position' I stop right (opposite) foot forward. Same position I would use to fight or shoot. To that end, I find I have greater latitude to move the rig in space without moving my body (it gives me the biggest pocket). But more broadly, I still think it's important to be able to stop in any position and with the rig in any position relative to your body as the 'sweet spot' isn't always available. My 2 cents.
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