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  1. I’ll have one in MIami depending on date
  2. Tiffen makes 1/4-20 screw add-on weights. Screw on to your monitor or any threaded 1/4 hole. you can get an accessory plate with gold mount or vmount so you can attach a cheese plate to your battery hanger. Then attach whatever to that for weight. The op Koon from Thailand, added little blocks of weight inside of his lower electronics junction box. He flies a cinelive. on board monitor battery low budget option: wrist weights for exercise attached to the monitor mount rails… yup.
  3. They have different pad sizes, custom cut to ops sizes. Which part is too big, the waist, chest or upper back/shoulders? the waist can be trimmed down, confirmed it with Jack. You’ll just have a little material left over (the encasing) that can be left or sewn shorter. can you take a picture of your vest on your body? And show us the spots where it is loose?
  4. All have benefits real brief and my opinion tiffen, faster fine tune adjustments, exposed springs, if you can get in touch with customer support they are fairly helpful. Also a large number of ops use it so there is lot of helpful info flying around. flowcine great execution awesome price point and amazing support, weight ranges between spring cores are a little short but I hear great things. xarm Has been widely adopted overseas, haven’t used but it’s a light arm that can take heavy loads. Can’t speak to the nuance of performance nb stabilizer is the only one that uses exposed “rubber” bands to adjust its capacity. Some people swear by it, I’ve never used it, but there is a video of it failing on the internet… so I don’t know. my 2 cents
  5. Vice grip should suffice. You may scuff up the pin a little but that ain't too bad.
  6. I have v2's not sure of their condition. I'll be around them later this month.
  7. Ronford baker makes one. Its called the Sony Venice Extension Block http://www.camade.us/page/homepage I believe they sell them. Also two of Tom Wills' blue riser plates and a tiny bit of gaff also did the trick.
  8. I have the 1.5 docking fork, but not the rest of the bracket with balancing stud.
  9. Just the 2 inch fork and rings are necessary. Id be willing to trade for a 1.5" fork and rings.
  10. Looking for anything that I can add to my kit before I buy all new.
  11. Do you have the serial numbers to these arms you are selling? We can cross check with tiffen about being true g70's and g70x upgrades, etc.
  12. Fits in a 1650 with an arm, dock and one inovativ wheel.
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