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  1. I have an extra one laying around. $80 plus shipping, located in Brooklyn. It will be sterilized before packing
  2. Yeah I checked all that. Sometimes I put on fresh bricks to see if it changes, or reset the volt. The issue never persisted more than a few minutes.
  3. Sometimes I can't get the vault to be level no matter how many times I trim it. What seems to work is cycling the power a few times, but under a time crunch, it could be very annoying. I just switch it off and operate normally but it's an issue that I've seen multiple times and I don't know what causes it.
  4. $1650 With MDR diving board. Optical Support 15mm rod adaptor 175 with top stage or 200 by itself.
  5. This comes with the MDR Diving board. I will add the 15mm rod adaptor with rods for an additional $175
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