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  1. Kevin Jacobsen

    Seeking Mentorship

    Where are you located?
  2. Kevin Jacobsen

    Walter Klassen Tradition Deluxe Harness

    I believe the goofy side arm is actually built slightly differently and you need a goofy arm. I remember a few years ago asking Wok about this, but then again I was dealing with one of the drop down arms
  3. Kevin Jacobsen

    GPI Pro Atlas Arm

    9k and will send to pro for full service.
  4. Kevin Jacobsen

    1.5" Gimbal

    I have an MKV gimbal, I believe V1 that has recently been overhauled and re calibrated by Robert Luna. I'm looking to upgrade to an M1 and will be putting it on here to sell soon. If you're still looking let me know and we can chat.
  5. Kevin Jacobsen

    Garage Sale

    MKV practice camera with CCTV camera and mkv 12v/video cable 15lbs SOLD MKV 2" monitor arm $300 MKV Hummingbird SD Monitor with 8 pin mkv video power cable $200 1 x Transvideo starlite bus cables for ARRI interface $60 Custom built arm, 25 - 50 lbs capacity. I had it as my first arm which was packaged with my sled. It was built by my sled's previous owner. The male socket block is 3a fitting. $800 2 x 190 wh RED VMount Bricks 200 each. Based in Red Hook BK. Buyer pays shipping
  6. Kevin Jacobsen

    GPI Pro Atlas Arm

    bump 9000
  7. Kevin Jacobsen

    AR system

    Do you have an AR compatible sled already?
  8. Kevin Jacobsen

    GPI Pro Atlas Arm

    9400 new price
  9. Kevin Jacobsen

    O'Connor 2575

    This is the greatest package.
  10. Kevin Jacobsen

    GPI Pro Atlas Arm

    Bumpity Bump
  11. Kevin Jacobsen

    Steadicam G70X arm in like-new condition

    I believe tiffen is having a sale which these are 1300 new.
  12. Kevin Jacobsen

    GPI Pro Atlas Arm

    $9500, with 10" and 12" arm posts
  13. Kevin Jacobsen

    Looking for a medium sized rig

    I'm selling a GPI pro atlas arm weight range 32lbs to 45lbs
  14. Kevin Jacobsen

    GPI Pro Atlas Arm

  15. Kevin Jacobsen

    WTB Pro Atlas Arm

    I got one I just posted