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  1. Looking to unload some gear Gpi Pro DBII - 2500 MKV 19mm rod bracket battery hanger v mount fixed at 45 degrees - 900 I also ) virtual 12 sided dice
  2. I have a DBII willing to trade and pay the difference for as well. I have the volt but the diving board of the DBII is not good enough to mount the Volt box and the MKV electronics from. The rails of the Betz would solve this issue.
  3. The third one. Cheap and can be used for a multitude of things.
  4. what i do is use Peter Abraham's Zalex plate in conjuction with a 15mm rod bracket you can purchase at smallrig. I run the rods of the build into the 15mm bracket attached to the plate itself.. Good by shakes.
  5. MKV carbon post 1.5" V4 Electronics DBII V1 Gimbal V Mount Arri Classic Power cable to MKV 4 dtap splitter to MKV Panavision to MKV 1650 Pelican with sled cutout Gpi Pro plate 9 inch with 15mm rod attachment Zalex long plate The sled does not come with the monitor or mount, but I will throw in with an MKV monitor mount and humming bird standard def monitor if desired. Does not include gore lock rings or dock. Asking $18k or best offer The gimbal sale is pending Price without gimbal $16k upload images online
  6. I'd be interested in that center post if you get a new one.
  7. Been my baby for 2 years, originally from MKV to replace my faulty gimbal. I'm headed towards tiffen and want to find this a new home. Most recently serviced in March by Robert Luna. Asking $2750 Based in BK, NY image hosting
  8. Looking for a center post, battery rack and top stage. MKV preferred but open to whatever.
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