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  1. Vice grip should suffice. You may scuff up the pin a little but that ain't too bad.
  2. I have v2's not sure of their condition. I'll be around them later this month.
  3. Ronford baker makes one. Its called the Sony Venice Extension Block http://www.camade.us/page/homepage I believe they sell them. Also two of Tom Wills' blue riser plates and a tiny bit of gaff also did the trick.
  4. I have the 1.5 docking fork, but not the rest of the bracket with balancing stud.
  5. Just the 2 inch fork and rings are necessary. Id be willing to trade for a 1.5" fork and rings.
  6. Looking for anything that I can add to my kit before I buy all new.
  7. Do you have the serial numbers to these arms you are selling? We can cross check with tiffen about being true g70's and g70x upgrades, etc.
  8. Fits in a 1650 with an arm, dock and one inovativ wheel.
  9. Well I'd listen to Jerry, he's an OG vet and leads the SOA workshop. As a volt owner, when it works, it's a shot saver and definitely makes shooting days better. As a new op, I'd be hesitant on relying on it early on. Just remove the drive assembly when practicing without it.
  10. Fair price with the volt. First rig, skip the volt. It will inhibit your skill set. It may make you appear more capable but you'll lack complete understanding of operating. Two options I see. Go through with the purchase and sell the volt, use that cash for the other accessories you'll need, bits and bobs, maybe a cart, zalex long plate, digital level, etc. Or keep it and use it sparingly. Selling it may give you a head start on some other purchases.
  11. About to purchase a second rig and bringing some parts over. The old rig will be losing its gimbal. Still debating whether to just have it as a back up rig or sell it complete. As for the gimbal, I prefer something in good condition, I'm not looking to spend too much so looking for the lonely babies that just sit doing nothing.
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