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  1. I bought the vest earlier this year. Mainly just to try it out, but after a few practices and one attempt on set (about one hour of oping) , I decided to stick with my pro vest. It has two slight blemishes, one from missing the shoulder latch when putting it on. And one that was received during transit when I returned the vest to tiffen to replace a few screws that were missing on the chest plate. They have been replaced and locktite'd in. Essentially the vest is brand new, no sweating, comes with the extra pads and soft bag. $4800 Plus shipping
  2. Sos plate on sticks to get it there. I've seen ACs use a quick release v-lock style for mounting an additional monitor for stick oping. Is there anything else they are popping on?
  3. I'm new to the wave, but have used it before and was shown how to balance for it (noga arm and tiffen weights). I noticed that the wave will drift from the level i have set it at over time. Has anyone dealt with this before? Is there something I'm missing? When it comes to docking, do you lock the wave first then dock or keep it running while on the stand? While the wave is engaged, how much of an issue is it to have an AC or DP influence pressure on it? ie. flipping the evf screen or accessing menus. Are there any other things about the wave that the seasoned ops here have come across that may not be obvious? I know Tom Wills made riser plates for a better weight distro without adding weight, which will be my next purchase.
  4. Looking for a wave 1, preferably stateside.
  5. I have an extra one laying around. $80 plus shipping, located in Brooklyn. It will be sterilized before packing
  6. Yeah I checked all that. Sometimes I put on fresh bricks to see if it changes, or reset the volt. The issue never persisted more than a few minutes.
  7. Sometimes I can't get the vault to be level no matter how many times I trim it. What seems to work is cycling the power a few times, but under a time crunch, it could be very annoying. I just switch it off and operate normally but it's an issue that I've seen multiple times and I don't know what causes it.
  8. $1650 With MDR diving board. Optical Support 15mm rod adaptor 175 with top stage or 200 by itself.
  9. This comes with the MDR Diving board. I will add the 15mm rod adaptor with rods for an additional $175
  10. I recommend starting with something like tiffen's entry series kits. Or a used rig. Best.
  11. On phone. Top right of the page you'll see three lines. Hit that, a drop down menu will appear, and then hit the letter icon.
  12. The biggest issue I have with the MKV is the electronics. That and the addition of a low mode monitor creates a bit of a space issue for getting that gimbal higher. MLV does make a Jbox that sits at the top of the post like everyone else but it's special order. As for just on a 1.5 " it's great, light and works wellm
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