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  1. Honestly just the sled. But open to package deals.
  2. title says it all. I have a solid arm and vest, but I'm looking for either one of these sleds. Im located in LA.
  3. Hi Nick,

    I just saw your post about a sled rental in LA.

    Give me a shout if you are still looking for one 



    1. Nick Janssen

      Nick Janssen

      Hey Andrea!

      Yes.. Im still looking for one! Do you think you can help me?


  4. Hey steadicam people, Im building my rig and right now I have my vest and my Masterseries Arm. Altho I was about to purchase a Clipper Sled, some unforeseen circumstances came up that made me having to wait a little longer on the investment. I still have a feature and other work coming up and Im kinda looking for a person in or around LA that is willing to rent me his/her sled for the days.... Do you have or do you know someone that might be able to help me? Thank you so much in advance. Nick
  5. Hi Nick


    Now re-priced! 12.800 Dollars

    Master sled that we (Hofmann Teknik in Sweden) have re-build completely! The Master sled is used very little approximately 50 times – looks almost new!
    More than 1,3kg (2.5lb) rails and electronics lighter (and shorter). Please see last picture of all parts removed. If you look up an original Master sled picture you will see the difference - massive!
    The 3kg (6.6lb) tube monitor replaced with a brand new 1kg (2.2lb) TVLogic SRM-074 (1500nits). New total weight of the sled (w monitor) is a mere 5kg (11lb). Power and video infrastructure replaced with direct leads, so HD-SDI compatible and no power loss.
    V-mount battery mount. The master arm is as you can see in also very good condition
    Including of course Master arm and vest. Max capacity is around 25kg (55lb) camera - so not job is too big! Comes in two flight cases. Two dovetails and a lot of other bits and pieces.


    I can send pictures if you are interested

     Best regards



    1. Nick Janssen

      Nick Janssen

      Hey Peter! 

      I'm sorry but thats way above the money I have right now. I would have loved to just drop 12.800 dollars, but I can't...

      Thank you!

  6. Hi everyone! Im building my steadicam setup and the last part I'm looking for is a sled. I don't have all the money in the world so I prefer a used product.
  7. Hi All! I'm looking for a socket block for the Master Series Arm. Anyone any tips/tricks? Thank you! Nick
  8. Hey Lisa! you are definitely not a 'fella' and I apologize for my bad language. My excuse is that im not a native english speaker and I say 'dude' and 'guys' to girls here as well... I guess its an LA thing and I will never ever generalize on this forum anymore. You are the best! So yes I have taken a workshop and I've tried a few different rigs. (not the SOA one you are mentioning tho) I already bought a master series arm. I worked with that arm a while ago and will never forget the great experience I had with that. I have a vest that i really like but all I need right now is a solid Sled. Thanks your advice
  9. Hey steadicam party people! I am going to invest in steadicam setup and Im not able to afford the most expensive stuff out there. It can be a used rig, it can be brand new, but my budget lies between 10 -12K. Im located in LA. Who can help me out?
  10. Hey Guys! Im stepping up from a shitty rig to a more decent one, but I dont have the money to invest more then 15K. Im flying mostly Alexa minis and REDs.. between 20-25 setups. The Glidecam X-30 peaks my interest, but I can't find that many reviews on this system. Does any of you steadicam fellas have suggestions for a proper investment in my financial range? Anyone have experience with the Glidecam X-30?
  11. hey man. honestly I struggle with the payload on that system. I mainly fly Alexa's and REDs...
  12. Hey Steadi buddies. Ive been looking all over the web to find a Zephyr HD. I'm located in LA, anyone has any tips/tricks?
  13. Wauw... that might me the issue indeed! Thanks for this advice Scott! I will try it today! Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  14. I've been looking very critically at my images and to my surprise I sometimes find a little shake into my shot. Surprisingly, when I'm flying the camera it seems impossible to see this little vibration. After hours of practising, removing and and testing my gear I simply cant get rid of this little shake that occurs now and then. Here some pictures of my setup. (sorry I couldnt load them in this message, please copy paste) Picture 1 http://s561.photobucket.com/user/Prowcent/media/WhatsApp%20Image%202016-11-11%20at%2021.58.28_zpsmudg34c2.jpeg.html Picture 2 http://s561.photobucket.com/user/Prowcent/media/WhatsApp%20Image%202016-11-11%20at%2021.58.28%201_zpskkn2we52.jpeg.html I uploaded some footage here, which was shot with a 50mm zeiss F1.4: https://youtu.be/4nBdShyJsg0 What is the problem, and how to fix it?? Thanks in Advance!
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