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  1. It's easy to join SOA. Just fill out the form and pay the onetime fee. I went with W.P. Dolle, they DO check your membership but are a great price. And if something does go wrong they have a great reputation for taking care of you. They also offer Personal Liability through The Hartford who is also a very reputable company. That too is reasonable.
  2. Thanks Lisa and Axel for your input! I will check out the 703. I have a 702 bright monitor I use as an external camera monitor. I like the Transvideo, but yes very over priced.
  3. I am looking to upgrade my Marshall 7" monitor that is mounted to my Archer 2. I'm looking for advise on which new monitor to choose. I need something that is highly visible in direct sunlight. I look forward to hearing what others use and or recommend! Thanks!! Eric
  4. Thanks Isaac and Louis for the input. Just looking for reliability without problems all the time. I see the Teredek Bolt used a lot, seems pretty good. Just want input from others so I can do my research and find what best works for me.
  5. I am interested in having my own wireless video transmitter and receiver. What is the best system to put on a steadicam so you can transmit the video feed wirelessly to a village so the director or director of photography can see your shot. Terakek? Paralinx? What is commonly used. Thanks! Eric
  6. Thanks Janice for the advise. I have been using a small glide cam set up for a few years, and have been a union on set dresser for 18.5 years. Took a bronze class 2 years ago. Been trying to get into camera and it's hard, but i'm persistent, I am now going to moving up to an Archer 2 unit! I think you are totally correct on how to move up and get work in this field. Thanks again!
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