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  1. Tom Rogers

    Steadicam Operator Expo- List of exhibitors.

    pretty weak lineup and it's not like we won't see those exhibitors at Cinegear the previous two days
  2. Tom Rogers

    Problems with For sale Marketplace

    You have to be a sustaining member
  3. Tom Rogers

    SmartSystem Matrix R2 Sled - Thoughts?

    They fall under the heading of Garbage that you don’t want
  4. Tom Rogers

    Adjusting gimbals for weight

    This forum is about Steadicam not gimbals
  5. Tom Rogers

    Who operated on "Handmaids Tale?"

    The very talented and SOC TV Camera Operator of the year nominee Mike Heathcote
  6. Tom Rogers

    Anton Bauer digital 90s dula charger

    I know someone with at least two of them for sale. Call or email Eric Fletcher ericfletcher@mac.com 314/504-3456
  7. Tom Rogers

    Tiffen M1 sled vs. GPI modular sled

    PRO sleds are bombproof, they just work and you can get ahold of them easily. Presently they have the slickest gimbal around and they are dead simple and easy to find all over the world in an emergency situation. Now that Tiffen has a Volt Gimbal conversion kit there really is a reason to look anywhere else than PRO
  8. The master is an Analog sled designed for when we used NTSC and PAL cameras. It will not pass HD-SDI without modification. Its shape is also a drawback
  9. As you have asked there is no answer. What is "Real Weight"
  10. Tom Rogers

    Lightest Rig

    Lights small rig? Lightest Big Rig? Full rig or running rig? Your question has no answer as asked
  11. Tom Rogers

    I need to update firmware

    You are not going to find that information in a Steadicam forum
  12. Tom Rogers

    Share your production myths!

    Sounds like your agent is getting lazy. If they need to call it $600/day thats fine as long as they pay 5 days per week. and Honestly even $3k/week is low, it should be $3600 week
  13. Tom Rogers

    600 withholdings

    The union sends out an accounting every year and it usually hits my mailbox in the middle of March
  14. Tom Rogers

    Laser Engraving Machine for Anodized Aluminum

    You can get all your stuff laser marked a lot cheaper than trying to buy the machine and learn to operate it
  15. Tom Rogers

    Vintage Vest. Can you identify it?

    Its an original model 1