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  1. Hello All, I'm happy to finally announce we are officially launching the latest 1.7 Volt Firmware. Thank you to Larry McConkey & Steve Wagner for all the work they put into helping us make this firmware what it is. Look in the video description on how to proceed w/ getting the update. In the video, it shows the changes that we made in the update to help you understand what the volt is doing in Regular & Sticky mode. If you received a Volt since July 2020 you'll have the latest 1.7 firmware already installed on your control box.
  2. Hello Patrick, My apologies I didn't realize you were from Norway. I'd double check with Tiffen International as I understand they can do the firmware updates. I'm not sure what they have in place with our other dealers. Pressing two times rapidly can help make it stick. I know of a few people who have tried that technique or a few others. I find some people it works for them while others it doesn't. I believe it has something to do with your operating style on what works best for you. Hopefully this whole thing will be over soon and we can all get back to normal! Take care of yourself and be safe!
  3. Hello Patrick, You will have to send in your control box to have the update done. You'll be able to hold onto everything else. We are looking into options on the east coast to have a place people can send their boxes to be updated. So that should help save a little bit of time for folks on the east coast.
  4. Hello, About Firmware: Larry has been an avid person who has is helping up develop the latest Beta Volt Firmware. We have not publicly released the beta firmware as we were working out a few finer details. The 'Bobble' people speak of in Normal mode is fixed now with the Beta firmware. Keep an eye out for when this whole virus thing is over and I'll be releasing a video about the latest firmware and the advantages of it.
  5. Hello Robert, This is Tyson Galland from Steadicam. I can help you out with the prices and everything for a volt system. If you can email me at tgalland@tiffen.com I can help you with all the information. What rig do you own? Tyson Galland
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