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  1. Hello christian Sorry didn t see at all you mail. Yes please still interested. May you mail me at nicolasroux06@free.fr and discribe your full kit you want to sell? ThĂ nks for all. If we deal ill Come to try. Really thanks
  2. Hi everybody I ordered a steadicam for Christmas but santa claus Forget me totally Does anybody want to sell one? full Steadicam wanted ( sled , monitor, batteries+ charger, sled stand, docking bracket, arm and vest ( M or L size ) I m looking for an archer 2 minimum to work on TV (Cam + HF ) and maybe films. Thanks everybody to contact me at nicolasroux06@free.fr I live on cannes (france) If we deal i ll travel to test and bring back my new toy Enjoy your day
  3. Hello hello everybody I wanted to buy its too. He said me his stead has been sold See you
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