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  1. Hi Ross, First, I work for Hedén so I'm not objective. Hedén motors are both small and light but also very strong. The M21VE-L as well as the M26VE and the new superlight LM30 are all well tested and all works well on Preston systems. The size versus torque ration is very good on our motors and the M21VE-L and M26VE are also very quiet. If you have any question, please go ahead and ask me. /Jonas
  2. Hello Jim, We currently have a full service program for the following products: M26-T M21VE (Short version) – Internal motor replacements are only possible with 256 encoders and 128 c-motion encoders M21VE-L M26VE CARAT We do not fully service the M26P as it has been end of life since some time, we still have some parts so it might be possible to service it. If you have a unit that needs service, please contact techsupport@heden.se to have a discussion about service options.
  3. Since the new team at Hedén took over about a year ago we have dramatically reduced the lead times for service and improved the service quality. For service, see our new website: http://www.heden.se/support/service/
  4. Hello Kevin, You are right, you would need to send the Carat to Sweden for service. We know there is need for service in the US so we are working on having service stations in US next year.
  5. Hi Walter, You can buy directly from us or one of our partners and you will get the same price. We are now building a stock of motors and Carat units so there will be no long wait for delivery, we can usually ship withing a few days. There will be a new program with premium partners around the world that will have demo-units and a stock of Carat, motors and accessories for even better service and shorter delivery times. /Jonas
  6. Hi Emmanuel, Thank you for your input, we are aware of the very limited information that is available of all Hedén products. There has been a lot of changes at Hedén and we have a new team that is working on improving all of these things, first will be a new website that we are working har on right now, that will be ready in a some weeks and will have presentation of the products and all the accessories that is not displayed on the current website. Videos is also something that we plan to add to the website after it has been launched, so I take your suggestion as a sign that we are heading in the right direction, customer images of the products in use is a good idea, I will note that. We are also launching a insurance program with replace and repair for both our motors and CARAT so that a user that has a faulty or damaged unit can get a replacement quickly at a fixed cost. Thank you very much for your suggestions. /Jonas
  7. Hi Steve, Hedén Carat which is the sucessor of the HLC lens control has a range of up to 500 meters. The strenght of the Carat system is the lag-free control when you use the Hedén control together with the Hedén motors. I'm a part of a new strengthened team here at Hedén so feel free to ask me any questions about our products. Best regards, Jonas - Hedén Sales
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