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  1. Update: It’s been 8 months since I dropped off my 7” Stargate monitor for repair at Transvideo International in Burbank. There has been no communication from them on status. I tried calling yesterday and no one is picking up. I emailed Transvideo in Paris and Jacque got back to me immediately. Transvideo Int. is not affiliated with them whatsoever so if you have an issue with your monitor you need to send it to them directly in Paris. Now hopefully I can actually get it back.
  2. Pelican 1650 should be more than enough and also the Pelican Air 1615 which is much lighter but not as rigid as the 1650. For travel I’d stick with the original Tiffen case or 1650.
  3. Has anyone here had good luck with Transvideo? So far for me it’s been terrible. I purchased my M1 from Tiffen in May 2019 and it came with a new Stargate monitor. The monitor stopped functioning properly in September 2019. The top portion of the screen went dim so I dropped it off the first week of October. Well it’s still there, sitting on a shelf. I’ve called and Maryanne says they’re waiting on a part from France. I’ve been patient and Tiffen has been fantastic in giving me a loaner since it’s still under warranty but 4 months seems a little long. I called Paris and talked to them directly and all they can do is communicate with Maryanne here in LA. I’ve called Transvideo everyday this week and they’re not even picking up. Thoughts? I love their monitors but cross your fingers nothing happens because this seems ridiculous to me. Oh and you still have to pay for labor even if it’s under warranty.
  4. I have used the Stanton Zoom/Focus controller for many years and it’s very popular in the LIVE TV world. Comes with a Canon gear only. Fuji and Cine gear sold separately. They also sell a rod mounted motor with inserts that works with this system. https://www.jimmyjib.com/product/EA-112
  5. I’ve been going back and forth on an Ibaird for a while now. Works great for low mode but was also interested in getting more elbow clearance in normal mode. I’ve borrowed the 4” version and it was great but then I lose my boom range. I could compensate by using a really long arm post but was wondering if anyone has tried the 2” version they’re selling?
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