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  1. Looking for cmotion cworld for my 3M cvolution lcs. If you're interested in selling yours, please give me a shout. Based in The Netherlands. rrheikens@hotmail.com
  2. Cine Tape sonar measure system for sale Set was serviced by Cinematography Electronics Inc. in California last year. Including: Cine Tape Measure Control Horn assembly Sensor cable Power cable 2x extension cables custom horn extension tubes custom bracket for horns on an lcs (focus / iris / zoom) motor original cine tape pelican case catalog price $6800,- USD asking for €4800,- including continental shipping. rrheikens@hotmail.com 1.jp2 2.jp2 3.jp2 4.jp2 5.jp2 6.jp2
  3. does it come with aks? batteries or dummy/ptap, maybe a sunhood?
  4. 2 x M26VE left (512 encoder) 2 x M21VE left (128 encoder) €1250 for complete motor set: motor, 0.8 gear, bracket & insert €1000 for 2 motors with gear, but without bracket & insert http://heden.se/accessories/motor-bracket/ (275 USD for a bracket & insert)
  5. looking for ronford baker QRB

  6. personally a big fan of shower caps ;)
  7. *BLACK RF Possible to control up to 8 channels (600 gr). Can be adjusted to a 2M (only controlling 2 channels), which only weighs half (255 gr). Comes with 2 lemo and an ext cable. List price €7820 Asking €1400 / $1540 OBO including international shipping, plus paypal located in Amsterdam, Holland
  8. 4 x M26VE (bracket, insert, .8 gear (32 pitch) included) 1250 each motors availlable for cmotion or for preston / bartech / chrosziel
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