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  1. Hi Paul, Almost worth my while flying over to you to trade my batteries Glenn
  2. Glenn Steer

    DP7 high bright 7" monitor

    Hi michael, I may be interested although I am in australia but of course will pay for shipping .Send me an email on gandksteer@gmail.com and I will make an offer if you have not sold it already . Thanks glenn
  3. Glenn Steer

    Dp7 hi bright 7” monitor

    Hi Michael, Have you had the monitor since new . What sort of condition is it in ? Do you have any photos. Can email direct if you want at gksteer@gmail.com glenn
  4. Hi there , I was wondering if anyone has added the tiffen M1 volt to an mkv rig . I have the 1.5 inch genesis sled and would like to add the volt but would like to know if its possible or not Thanks Glenn
  5. Glenn Steer

    MK-V Top Stage

    Hi Tolga, Does everything work ok ... Eg the east west , north south adjusters . I could always do with a spare . Email me on binkysteer@hotmail .com what you think it is worth. GS
  6. Glenn Steer

    LX Vest for sale . Mint condition .

    Bump $ 2,800 US
  7. Picked up this vest with a 2nd hand rig I just bought but the vest was used very little . Absolutely magnificent condition . Its in sydney australia , and the attached photos show how great it is . US $ 3,000 ono , buyer pays shipping . Glenn Steer binkysteer@hotmail.com