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  1. Hello! I'm selling my Steadicam Flyer-LE. I've moved in to editing and have taken a full time position so I sadly no longer have need for my steadicam. This rig can fly cameras up to 19lbs, which is great for Alexa Mini and Red cam builds. It's a fantastic rig to start out on and if you're local to LA you can come over and I'll show you the ins and outs of flying it. It's pretty much a better but cheaper version of the Aero 30. This rig comes with a custom yolk that lets you rotate the monitor without losing balance. I've also included an 11lb weight plate for flying lighter cameras like DSLR's. This rig comes with... -Standard Flyer Vest -Flyer-LE HD carbon post sled, 12/24 volt with two v-mounts. -Flyer LE Dual articulating iso-elastic arm with bag -Dovetail plate -Marshall V-LCD70MD Monitor with a custom yolk. -11lb Janice Arther weight plate with Manfrotto quick release plate -2 x Steadicam Power Cube V-Mount Batteries (These last forever!) -Docking Bracket -Small C-stand (gary coleman) -25lb sand bag -Thermudyne traveling hard case with wheels and extending handle -Low-mode bracket -Assorted accessories. Metric Hex Wrench set, HDMI Cable. SDI cable. 3/8's screws. 1/4-20 screws. -Steadicam Operators Manual. Here's a link to the kind of model you'd be purchasing: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/553856-REG/Steadicam_F24LENPNN_Flyer_LE_Camera_Stabilizer_System.html The rig is in perfect working condition. There are only two small issues with the monitor. When it gets really hot, the monitor begins to vignette around the edges. And the protections screen is a kind of scratched up, although I usually operate without the protection screen. Despite these I still love this monitor, it's super bright and has a ton of view options. I have an Atomos Shogun and I still use this Marshall monitor for when I fly the rig. Price: $4500. Local pick up preferred. If you're wiling to pay the shipping costs then I am able to ship everything except the C-stand and sandbag. To make an offer, e-mail me at: lukeknezevic@gmail.com Let me know if you'd like to see more photos of the rig.
  2. Hello All, About two months ago I invested in a Steadicam Flyer-LE and have been practicing ever since. I just shot a short demo reel of a few practice shots and am looking for any and all tips, notes, or thoughts so that I can improve and start looking for real gigs. Here's the link: https://youtu.be/5SR0hf5c31E Thank you -Luke Knezevic lukeknezevic@gmail.com
  3. I'm looking for an eight to twelve pound weight plate for my Flyer LE. E-mail me at: lukeknezevic@gmail.com
  4. I'm looking for an eight to twelve pound weight plate for my Flyer LE. E-mail me at: lukeknezevic@gmail.com
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