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  1. Prorated rent, means you only get paid for the actual days worked that week, not the full weekly rental.
  2. TV logic F7-H , 3600 nits, 2000 dollars
  3. The PRO vest is custom sized and fits like a glove.
  4. While your post is horizontal, it is the least stable, given that this is a 1.5" post, I am not surprised. The AR was designed for the MK-V 2" post sled. You could go 2" by buying a XCS post (with pro connector) and Gimbal?
  5. The new Hd8 x-sbl has a much better anti glare coating and is twice as bright...
  6. Greg still sells brand new TB-6's
  7. Talk to Chris Betz in Muenchen. Also, unless you need to exchange the pan bearing, you can service it on the rig. Betz-tools.com
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